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New Show Announced: Myselfie Nov 19!


HIRUT 2050 Danforth Avenue Toronto
Saturday November 19, 2016 at 6:30pm

Door Prizes! Gifts from With Love Clothing and Arbonne!


I am pleased as punch to be joining forces with the illustrious Sophia Apostol to bring Myselfie to Hirut on November 19th for a very special night. In addition, Meghan Bradley, my co-host on The Curve and creator of Curvy Expo, will be there to interview me and facilitate a Q&A after the show! Why is this joint force a great fit? Because we are on a mission to spread body confidence, healthy self-esteem and general good things!

Certified Professional Coach Sophia specializes in dating for the curvalicious!   You can check out her website www.StopWaitingAndStartDating.com and below you can see her in an interview  on The Curve on The Local View!

What’s The Curve? See more here at The Curve! 

Join us at Hirut! Come eat, laugh, inspire with us! On this night you will be able to see all three wonderful women featured in this blog post in one spot! Now, that’s something fantastical, isn’t it? Quite!

Hope to see you soon!
Lots of love, Kat and the gals! xoxoxox

A shot of myself that I share July 4th!



I’ve been dieting since I was 8 years old when an innocent remark became a lifelong obsession. After years being the sturdiest kid of my peers, I wondered just how much bigger I was gonna get. So at 8 years old I ask my mom, “Mommy, how big am I gonna get?” She innocuously explains that I will reach my final size by the time I’m 12. Of course, she means that my skeleton will have stopped growing by then and my basic body type set. But at 8 years old I take this explanation to mean that whatever I looked like at the age of 12 would be what I would look like FOREVER. With a slight sense of panic, my 8-year-old self suddenly knew that I had just four years to get myself into shipshape perfection. Well, four years seemed so far away– a whole half of my life at the time– that I kept putting it off until Monday, a putting-off process that I continued leading up to my 12-year mark and well past for decades later. And to this day— well, it’s not Monday yet, is it?

I read once that 1% of what we are is visible and touchable and the remaining 99% of us is a lot of something else. That’s a lot of us that has nothing to do with what we look like. And if we think about all the changes our physical body goes through, it’s ridiculous to identify ourselves with the mere 1% of our being that is so transient. Am I a teetering toddler? A blond virgin? A witty old lady to be? It doesn’t matter what vehicle we travel in. What matters is the destination and journey. But the vehicle is valuable nonetheless and we need to take care of it and be grateful for it because it’s what allows us to navigate the world, to affect the world and to be affected by it. In a way of acknowledging and giving thanks to my current vehicle, the 1% I get to ride around in every day on this leg of my journey, I have created a snapshot of me that I share, a one-self show celebrating my body and the experiences it has endured and enjoyed. I call it Myselfie.

With heartfelt and humorous storytelling, song and dance, Myselfie is my mission to create a meaningful spectacle that will engage, entertain and empower people of all ages but particularly teens and preteens toward healthy body image, self-esteem and self-expression. I believe that if we can all nurture love and levity within ourselves we will be able to do it for others in an infectious and sustainable way.

force quentin-crouch quentin-growl     smile
Photography by Quentin Thwaites with many many thanks and hugs.

I have been collaborating and workshopping Myselfie over the past couple of months for live audiences onstage and in high school classroom setting and am thrilled with what has evolved through exploration and thoughtful generous feedback from wise and lovely folk. I thank you all, you know who you are. Maybe you’re one of you reading this right now! Special thanks to Harrison Fine, Karl Machat, Heather Hill and Deanna Wilkins for allowing Myselfie to breathe life in their space. Special thanks to Tracey Erin Smith and Soulotheatre for turning the disco lights on and starting the dance; to Chris Veldhoven, Lori Murphy, Brian Finch, Domini Anderson and Eleni Theodoulou for playing and loving. I KNOW! 😉  (Another blog coming soon about my mind-blowing experience with Soulotheatre.)


Soulotheatre Masterclass May 2015

Photography by James Alan 

I am pleased as pie— mmmm pie— to be presenting a full version of Myselfie on Saturday July 4th in conjunction with Helene Richard’s one-woman show Dysfunctional French Woman for Roof’s Off! Speaking of pie, this double whammy happens right at Cafe Chez Helene at 1437 Kingston Road (at Warden) in Toronto. Doors open at 7pm, I perform at 8pm, and Helene performs at 9pm. Admission is $30 at the door and you can save $10 buying in advance. Please join!  We would love to have you with us!


ROOF’S OFF! Myselfie and Dysfunctional French Woman
JULY 4th 2015 
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
Cafe Chez Helene at 1437 Kingston Road (at Warden)

Tix $30 at Door, $20 in advance through PayPal link on  Facebook Event or contact us!

Hope to see yourselfie there!
Love and such, Kat xoxoxo

Do You Love Your Body?



The illustrious Adrianna Prosser had me as a guest blogger for Everything But The Cat!
I talk about loving your body inside and out, touching on nutrition, mental health and Johnny Depp. How could I not?  Enjoy! 🙂


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