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The Curve: A Healthy Deviation
from the Straight and Narrow!

To boldly go with levity and intelligence where the curvy politic thrives… to explore lifestyle topics from an interactive and adventurous perspective, amplifying the voice of the curvy community and broadening the scope of mainstream media. 

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The Curve is an innovative lifestyle television program promoting  health and wellness with a focus on body confidence and self-esteem. It showcases and celebrates various ideas, resources and people who are actively contributing to a healthy and inclusive body culture. The Curve explores topics of self-esteem, fitness, nutrition, mental health, fashion, beauty, trends, culture and much more. The Curve is an entertaining and enlightening program building a community that, with humour, compassion and intelligence, illuminates resources that may inspire and enable viewers to motivate themselves toward good health, happiness and body confidence.

Kat Leonard
is a comedian, musician, TV personality, motivational entertainer and workshop leader. Kat is Artistic Director of Let’s Make Good Productions and WonderFest, the TV series and live event workshops and concerts spreading empowerment through art. Kat is a freelance voiceover artist, actress, journalist, live show host and frequent podcaster.  Kat is open-minded, dynamic, intelligent and inquisitive. With a humorous and sympathetic approach, Kat is able to engage individuals in exhilarating discussion.

Meghan Bradley is a woman with a passion: to see improvement in the marketing of fashion to plus size woman.  A plus size model for 25 years Meghan watched the plus size industry slowly evolve and was often asked to appear on TV and radio as the spokesperson to shine a light on this emerging industry.  She created the first annual Curvy Expo, which brings together those who serve the industry: Retailers, influencers, bloggers, models and shoppers by way of the one-day consumer show that celebrated the curvy woman.  By sharing her own experiences and using her down-to earth-personality and humour, Meghan spreads her positive message of inclusion in a relaxed, informative and always fun way.

Kat and Meghan chat with Sophia Apostol (Certified Professional Coach specializing in dating for the curvalicious) about loving, dating and self-esteem!


Kat and Meghan chat with Stefanie Augusteijn of Sexy Plus Clothing on fitting in fashionably– featuring model Caterina Moda!


Kat and Meghan chat with Jennifer McCready of Lady Luck Pinups on the empowerment possible through photography and owning your image with pride.


We got to chat with Simone Denny! Songstress of all types, one of the originals to bring life to House Music. We talk fashion, image, music, confidence, and the colour red! And we hear a snippet of Tease me, a track off her new album Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume 1.  @SimoneDennyMusic Superstar!

We get a new  Liis on Life with Liis Windischmann! We talk about self-care, body love and   making the happy!

Meg interviews Kat on Myselfie and NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information Centre).


What’s it like when The Curve girls guest on a show? #UncensoredShenanigans
Here we are with Stef at Sexy Plus Clothing! 


The Curve girls spend a day with Jennifer McCready of Lady Luck Pinups and get some awesome shots for promotional use. You’ll see them soon! Videography by Madison Bodden!

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