Santa’s Sack!


The Next Big Thing: an online interview with yourself.
(How romantic!)

The effervescent Lizzie Violet tagged me in a blog experiment called The Next Best Thing in which writers answer ten questions about a current project and post them on their blog, tagging other writers who would have interest in doing the same.  It started as a bookwriters exercise and Lizzie added the playwright angle.  Now I add the songwriters angle!!!!

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

(Songwriters version by Kat Leonard)

What is the working title of your song?
 Santa’s Sack

Where did the idea come from for the song? 
During a Christmas song brainstorming session with Heather Hill, Aynsley Saxe and Steve Didynuk.

What genre does it fall under?

Which performer (if not yourself) would you like to perform the song? 
Will Ferrell

What is the one-sentence synopsis of what the song is about?
Wanting to help Santa unload his heavy sack by taking your gifts now.

Will your song be self-published or represented by a separate music publisher?

Will it be part of an album or EP?  Possibly a festive collection.

How long did it take you to write the first draft? 6 hours

What other music genres/artists would you compare this song to?
Weird Al Yankovic, Bob Rivers, Jack Black & Tenacious D.

Who or what inspired you to write the song?
 Santa’s huge sack and jingle bells.

What about your song might pique the listeners interest?
The singalongability of “Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho” and the triple entendres.

Bonus: A sample!  Here is a smidge of my performing Santa’s Sack at the Music Mentor Productions holiday party this month:

And there are the lyrics:

by Kat Leonard November 2012

(Spoken) Dear Santa…
You’ve got a big sack– jam-packed
With heavy gifts of joy that could break your back
I can help you… damn straight
I can help release the pressure and reduce the weight

I’ll take my gifts now… and how
You know what I like and I’m willing to be wowed
I’ve been a good girl—giddy up
I saved half of your cookies and egg nog in a cup

Santa, how your sack does bulge
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Bursting with the gifts I love
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
What could be inside for me?
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Bulging sack of festive glee

You’ve got a big sack—paddywack!
The strain must be a constant risk of heart attack
Let me hold it– pick it up
I’ll keep it upright and inspect it close-up
You can trust me—fingers crossed
I’ll handle it with care so nothing gets tossed
Let me touch it—Jingle bells
I see something for me right there where it swells

Jolly yuletide clown
Come on down
Loosen your belt, recline by the fire
I’ll roast some nuts and sing like a choir
I’ve been a good girl
I saved you a cookie
I’ve been a good girl
(Spoken): Well, half a cookie.
It’s better than no cookie.
I’ve been waiting a long time, Santa.
They kept getting into my mouth… I couldn’t stop them.

(Repeat chorus and improvise to end)

I do hope you’ve enjoyed Santa’s Sack and benefit it from the real sack this holiday season!  Happy Ho Ho Ho!  I do believe Heather Hill and Arlene Paculan might be interested in doing The Next Big Thing exercise.  If anyone else is, please feel free to use my adapted questions!

Love Kat

7 responses

  1. You’re hilarious and so corrupt haha. Another little FYI, I keep hearing “I’d be screwed without you” these days. Can’t wait to hear the finished version of that one too! xo 😉

  2. Hehehehe! Corrupt! I love it– especially coming from a fireman hose lover! ;D

  3. Hey Kat what if i do a blog of screwed. Do we have any clips? I think someone has one… arlene? Xo

    Sent from my iPhone

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