Depper Love

A Depper Kind Of Love: One-woman show and CD
An ode to loving Johnny Depp and love gone awry.

The CD is comprised of 10 original songs from the  multimedia musical comedy extravaganza which debuted at The Toronto Fringe Festival July 2011; and is filled with music that’ll make you dance, drop and roll.


2-Depp Bike
3-My Promise
4-I’m My Own Asshole
7-Fighting Time & Gravity
8-Not Us
9-Only Human
10-Hope For Dopes

“Lyrics that are daring, emotional and in many cases downright hilarious, show that this lady is not only talented, but someone to keep your eye on.”
-LIPSTIK INDIE (Full review)

“Classic.  Good solid fun… funny… good songwriting… put together really well.  I enjoyed the whole package.”  –Radio Orphans Podcast

“Kat’s performance is affecting and fun, the music is distinctive, sometimes dark and sometimes funny with smart lyrics and great sound and energy.  I would definitely recommend giving A Depper Kind Of Love a listen and I look forward to more music from Kat Leonard.” -Trevor Norris, Artist Rep Indie Pool

Listen to more music on Soundcloud and YouTube! 

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