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New Show Announced: August 21st Wonder Women at Hirut


Let’s Make Good Productions presents Arlene Paculan & Wonder Women at Hirut Restaurant
2050 Danforth Avenue Toronto– just west of Woodbine subway station.

Friday August 21st 2015 Doors 7pm Music 8pm 
PWYC (Suggested $10)

Wonder Women of Music are:
Kat & The MP3 (Hey, that’s me! ;p)
Meghan Morrison
Catherine M. Thompson

Wonder Woman of Artwork is:
Joylyn Chai

Hope to see you there, everybuddy!


Four Winds Unite!




(Heather, Meghan, Arlene & Kat)

Artwork drawn by Ava Hill

The Four Winds Collective united to rehearse for this Sunday’s show at
Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir at The Central in Toronto! 
Here is some proof.
Of course, you’d never know Kat was on the cajon
because she accidentally hit delete on the picture instead of send. Gah!

fwarl <— Arlene, multi-instrumentalist, here with geeetar and uke.

Meghan is also a multi-instrumentalist. Here she is with her beloved bass. —>fwmeg

   fwhea <— Heather, known for flouting, ukeing and tickling keys.

[insert colourful high-angle shot of Kat sitting atop the cajon and winking with laughter as Arlene pushes the button on the iPhone. It really was an artistic awesome shot. Imagine something like this but really cool and with a cajon.]









Here we are together…. for optimum enjoyment!


Come see us Sunday night at the Cabaret!
We’ll be playing our #1 Hit, going down in the annals on a post-it note. 🙂




CAbPlease note that Marcy Rogers is unable to attend the Cabaret, so Four Winds and Brandon Pitts will be entertaining you… along with a plethora of Open Mic talent! Come sign up and share your talent with us!  See you this Sunday July 13 at The Central 7-10pm. 🙂 xoxox Kat


New Show Announced: Four Winds play Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir!

New Show Announced: Four Winds play Lizzie Violet's Cabaret Noir!

Sunday July 13 at The Central in Toronto! Hope to see you there!

WonderFest is coming!



Sunday April 6 at The Revival Bar we’re having workshops and networking and concerts, oh my!

See artists like: Madette, Brendan Albert, Alissa Vox RAW, Ashley Martinez, Rosita Stone, Candice Sand, Dan Curtis Tompson, Vanessa McGowan, Sarah Jean Villa, Emily Nowicki, Dorothy Knight, Niki Andre, Ernie Vicente, Emilia Heather Hill, Meghan Morrison, and of course Arlene Paculan and Kat Leonard!

Hope to see YOU there too!


The Four Winds at The Beautiful & The Damned tonight!



It’ll probably look a little something like this:

To hear us you’ll have to come out! Hope to see you tonight! 

Four Winds at Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir!



It’s happening! Finally the Four Winds Music Collective blow onto the LVCN’s stage like a hot winter breeze! Sunday December 8 at The Central Toronto 7pm.  It promises to be a stellar night at the Cabaret– which is usually the case at LVCN– as we join Matt Gerber, TOPoet as well as a potpourri of open micers! Hope to see you there!



You remember who the Four Winds are, right? Meghan Morrison, Heather Hill, Arlene Paculan and moi! It’s true!

Four Winds: A songstorm of musical forces intertwined for the greater good!




The Four Winds Collective share their gifts of music as they gather to play a concert fundraiser at the Church of The Good Shepherd Sunday September 29, 2013 2pm-4pm. Who are the Four Winds Collective? Kat Leonard (KatLeonard.com) has training in Science, music, theatre and The Second City.  She performs feisty comedic pop.  Arlene Paculan (ArlenePaculan.com) was trained at Randolph Academy and Royal Conservatory of Music, and performs soulful jazzy pop.  Heather Hill (HeatherHill.ca) trained at Royal Conservatory of Music as well as New York City and plays piano pop rock.  Meghan Morrison (MeghanMorrison.com) is a mover and a shaker. She started a successful music jam podcast and is an art rocker who plays Celtic groove music.

The Four Winds Collective is a songstorm of musical forces intertwined for the greater good. They travel together with their dynamic live shows in an aim to draw together a community to share joy and inspiration through music and storytelling.

Catch us Sunday September 29th 2pm in Wyebridge, Ontario!



MARCH 4-8, 2013 is International Women’s Week, and LMG Productions celebrates by presenting Wonder Women VI: WonderFest, a weeklong series of workshops and concerts to spread empowerment through art.  This International Women’s Week edition of Wonder Women will be the largest Wonder Women event yet. With four free workshops and two concerts involving approximately 50 wonder women and super men of varied media, WonderFest is certain to make a positive artistic impact on the community.

At LMG Productions we truly believe that we are in this together, and we would be honoured if you would join us in our passion towards encouraging and empowering individuals through art.

Introducing our new blogsite:



Monday March 4, 2013
Workshop: Business Planning for Artists; Heather Hill
7:00pm at The Central, 603 Markham Street

 Tuesday March 5, 2013
Workshop: Playing With Music; Collaboration/Jam/Open Mic
7:00pm at The Central, 603 Markham Street

 Wednesday March 6, 2013
Workshop: Healing Through Art; Lisa Anita Wegner
7:00-8:30pm at Fringe Creation Lab, 720 Bathurst Street

 Thursday March 7, 2013
Workshop: Turning Wounds Into Wisdom; Nova Browning Rutherford
7:00-8:30pm at Fringe Creation Lab, 720 Bathurst Street

Thursday March 7,2013
Show: Super Men in Concert
Doors 9:30pm Show 10:00
The Central, 603 Markham Street
$10 at the door- receive $5 off Wonder Women VI in Concert

Friday March 8, 2013-International Women’s Day
Show: Wonder Women VI in Concert
Doors 7:00pm Show 8:00pm
The Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West
$10 at the door


Knowledge is Power!

She's Listening!

She’s Listening!

OVARIAN CANCER – The Little-Known Killer of Women!

We the Four Winds Collective (independent artists Kat Leonard, Arlene Paculan, Meghan Morrison and Heather Hill) played a fundraising event for Ovarian Cancer Canada last Friday night with local artist Kelly Sloan at Bass Line Station in Ottawa, Ontario. Mike Anderson of CanadaParties.ca organized the event.  As the Winds traveled the 401 east, we discussed our issues with supporting certain types of charity fundraising events. We agreed that we are not as interested in supporting organizations that are backed by pharmaceutical companies as much as we want to support the charities that are lean, agile and creative and not backed by organizations that serve to benefit from the illness and its treatments.

Upon arrival at Bass Line Station we met Lynn Griffiths, who has been an active volunteer for Ovarian Cancer Canada since losing her dear sister Ann to the disease in 2007.   The Four Winds were pleased to learn that Ovarian Cancer Canada is not backed by pharmaceuticals and relies heavily on volunteers and donations to help raise awareness and funds for research.  Lynn had all kinds of literature for us and she shared some incredible information.

When Corinne Boyer succumbed to ovarian cancer in 1997 at the age of 57 years old, she left an enduring legacy.  Corinne’s husband, Patrick Boyer, created the Corinne Boyer Fund to advance ovarian cancer research and awareness.  In 1999 the name was changed to National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA). In 2002 the name was changed to Ovarian Cancer Canada, and it remains a member-based and funded organization. There is a research chair at the University of Ottawa as well as one that was added recently in Toronto.

Every year, 2600 Canadian women are diagnosed and 1750 women succumb to ovarian cancer.  What is most difficult is that there is no test to screen for whether you have ovarian cancer, and the symptoms are incredibly generic and subtle and very easily missed. And ovarian cancer must be treated early to increase the chances of successful healing.  Lynn mentioned that one of the risk factors is ovulation, that the more you ovulate the greater the risk of ovarian cancer.  So women who have not given birth and are not on the birth control pill could be at greater risk for developing ovarian cancer.

For more information, please visit www.ovariancanada.org.

What every woman NEEDS TO KNOW – or tell a woman you love!

▪   There is a lifetime risk of 1 in 70 that you will develop ovarian cancer

▪   Many doctors are unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and fail to consider it as a possible diagnosis

▪   Failure to find the disease in its early stages is partly due to (i) lack of sensitive detection tests and (ii) health care providers and even women themselves may ignore warning symptoms

▪   A Pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer

▪   HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer, not ovarian cancer

▪    Recent research has found that a large proportion of ovarian cancers actually start in the fallopian tubes rather than the ovaries. If you are having gynecologic surgery, ask your doctor whether or not removal of the fallopian tubes would be beneficial to you. For more information, visit ovcare.ca

▪   Pain in the abdomen is not necessarily a symptom of ovarian cancer – even if you have no pain, your doctor cannot rule out ovarian cancer

▪  Even though ovarian cancer is known as the “disease that whispers” the majority of women with ovarian cancer report symptoms, including women diagnosed at an early stage

▪   Ovarian cancer rates rise after menopause, peaking from age 60-75, although it can occur at any age

▪   The hereditary form, found in families where many close relatives have had breast and/or ovarian cancer, tends to occur at an earlier age

The Four Winds enjoyed a warm night of music and amusement with Lynn and the staff of Bass Line Station as well as friends and audience who came out to join us.  We were thrilled to learn that many of the audience members donated very generously to Ovarian Cancer Canada and we were happy to donate proceeds of CD sales to the important cause.

Please do inform yourself about ovarian cancer and its symptoms as well as other insidious diseases, and please share information with your friends and loved ones.  As the Ovarian Cancer Canada tagline states: Knowledge is Power.

Four Winds with Mike Anderson and Lynn Griffiths

And now, for your listening pleasure, please enjoy two of the Winds’ cancer-inspired tunes: How Long by Heather Hill and Fuck Cancer by Kat Leonard.

Be well and be informed.

Love, Heather and Kat
(Two of the Four Winds Collective)

Leuty Station Earworms!

Heather Hill is touring her new album, Leuty Station, this summer– with the happy-vibe spreading Lily C!

Heather Hill launched Leuty Station May 2012.  Warning: it causes ear worms, that entertaining condition whereby a catchy tune boogies in your head throughout the day even when no tangible music is playing.

Heather Hill’s voice is like liquid love, with robust rumbling lows, ethereal highs and a plethora of delicious tones in between.  She’s one of those singers who can convey a story and/or emotion with the sound of her vocalizations without lyrics– and then she’s got good lyrics too!  The amazing thing about Heather’s lyrical stories is that they are very specific and often very literal with a truth that can give you shivers.

The vocal and instrumental play weaving together throughout this album is inspired and fun.  I’ll leave the instrumental critique to someone more instrumentally adept, but to this laylady—(Hmm, this literary play on layman doesn’t have the eloquent sound I thought it might)—I hear topnotch beats and grooves that generate many a Leuty Station earworm.  Prior to the Leuty Station CD launch, Heather did a marvelous series devoting a blog to each individual song on the CD.  You can hear the song, read the lyrics and learn a little something about the origin and process of the song.  It really is worth the read and listen.  It starts here: Leuty Station pre-release song 1

Never Grow Old has an infectious beat with thunderous affecting crashes.  I love the story behind this song and often smile with the thought of it. “To age and never grow old”

Wading Through Normal is extra-special to me because it’s a co-write with another gal I admire, Meghan Morrison.  I interviewed the two lovelies on their collaboration, and you can explore that here. Wading Through Normal sings for the unsung hero in Moms everywhere. “She’s remarkable in the every day, notable in the always there.”

Last Train is one of those true stories that gives me goose bumps when I consider it.  It’s a true story and the resultant song is haunting and encouraging in equal measure.  It reminds me how important it is to keep your mind and body as fit as possible.  “If ever there’s a time to win a race it’s now.”

The refrain of Leuty Station really speaks to me lyrically and sonically.  It takes me beyond myself, the way the refrain in Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey does.  It feels like the melody of my life, an anthem of hope weighted in possibility that makes me feel equally light and powerful.   It makes me feel truthful about myself.  “I like it that way, I like it that way.  Alone in the rain and the waves with my thoughts and hopes on this stormy day.” If ever I could do a Heather Hill cover song, Leuty Station is it.

For a truly transcending musical experience, you must hear Heather Hill live.  Generous, witty and wise in music and deed, she is an all-around luminous musician, woman and friend.

For information on Heather’s upcoming tour and how you can lure her to your very own city, visit www.HeatherHill.ca if you haven’t been there by now.

I look forward to sharing the lineup with Heather, Meghan Morrison, Lily C, and many other wonderful artists at the upcoming Wonder Women V event August 8, 2012 at 7:30 at the Celebration Square Amphitheatre in Mississauga. Hope to see you there!

Sing a blissful tune, everybuddy!


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