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Flip it to the B-Side! Thanks once again to The Harlton Empire for their tireless support of artists! Please add them to your Reader and follow along! They are always up to super shenanigans! 🙂 xoxox

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wonder women la

We just don’t have the time to explore everything we love. So we give you ‘B-Side‘- a random collection of things we love that we think you should explore further. Today’s post is all about Wonder Women LA and empowering female artists. Check out their press release below:


(Wonder Women Los Angeles Will Donate Funds to the Women Like Us Foundation)

September 7th at Arcadia Blues Club, female musicians, and artists will perform at “Wonder Women Los Angeles.” The movement aims to empower young women to use their artistic voices, while raising funds for the Hollywood chapter of the “Women Like Us” Foundation.

Wonder Women was created by singer-songwriter, Arlene Paculan, to showcase female artists while supporting female-driven charitable organizations. Paculan met artist and activist April Snow on a trip to California and the two began working together to…

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