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New Show Announced: Wonder Women!



Let’s Make Good Productions presents !WONDER WOMEN
As always, we are spreading EMPOWERMENT through a night of music and visual art!
$10 cover / $8 artists
Hosted by me! Kat Leonard
Featuring live music by: RoveenaArlene Music, and Emily Rockarts
Visual art and live painting by: Carla Casanova

Link to FACEBOOK event here!


Friday February 9, 2018
The Painted Lady
218 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

WonderFestTV Season 1 Episode 4

WF pic

WonderFestTV with Kat Leonard & Arlene Paculan premiered on Rogers TV Cable 10 Mississauga in the fall of 2015. WonderFest TV, spreading empowerment through art, is an extension of Let’s Make Good Productions’ live events that encourage participants and audience alike to nurture creativity and confidence in art and everyday life. WonderFest TV showcases and celebrates various Wonder Women and Super Men who are in pursuit of a positive lifestyle as we explore topics of music, visual art, literature, spoken word, healthy self-esteem, fitness, nutrition, mental health, goal setting, business planning, finance and more. WonderFest TV is an entertaining launching pad to discuss ideas and illuminate resources that may inspire and enable viewers to educate themselves and take action toward their dreams and living a constructive way of life.  WonderFest TV: spreading empowerment right into the homes of viewers to boost confidence and creativity throughout the world, starting with Mississauga.

Welcome to this retrospective of Season 1, and stay tuned for Season 2 coming soon!


Segment 1: Kat & Arlene talk about values.

Segment 2: Kat &  Arlene talk ballin’ with Super Man Matthew Paculan.


Segment 3: Kat & Arlene talk music and business with recording Wonder Woman Roveena!

Segment 4: Kat & Arlene jibberjabber about goals and set a new one!

Thank you for being with us! Stay tuned for more episodes of Season 1 and a whole new Season 2 coming atcha on Rogers TV Peel Mississauga! 🙂

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