KATNIP: Life Tips by Kat!

Sometimes I get fan mail and advice requests.  It warms my heart like a soft flame on the underside of a roasting marshmallow, turning it softer and sweeter by the succulent second. I am extremely flattered and motivated to help. So I strip down, tilt my glass(es), and  get down to straight talk.


Here is a question I received this week.


My daughter is going into high school and really interested in the arts. Do you have any advice for her?

I think there are three important pieces of advice I would stress to anyone hoping to make art for a living:

1) DO YOUR ART and never stop, explore all kinds, be open and free. Say yes to many things until you learn what you absolutely want to say no to. Then say no to those things that don’t serve you so that you have the time and energy to spend on those things that do serve you best. Spend time with yourself so you are available to allow inspiration to come in and fill your well through “the channel”.  Be aware of how your art affects others but do not do it merely to please others. Your art is a unique expression of you, and only your voice can hold the true tune. FAIL as often as you can because it strengthens your resolve, and many mistakes are gifts. Don’t overanalyze. Feel and do.

2) LEARN THE BUSINESS if you want to do art for a living. You must believe that art can be a lucrative career as much as accounting, law, medicine and most other dang thing can be. You must take it seriously and know the business side to either manage yourself or ensure  that you’re not taken advantage of by someone managing you. Know how to make money in your field.

3) SHARE YOUR ART, your skills and inspiration with others, because art is above all an important  form of communication and a calling not to be kept quiet. If you can inspire someone else to create art and encourage them to follow their own path, to shine their light upon the world, then the world becomes brighter, bolder, more beautifuller. That is in itself a form of art and a source of immeasurable pleasure!

Hope this helps!
Anyone have something to add?


P.S. Please send all requests for Katnip: Life Tips by Kat to me directly because my assssistant is a little off.


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