Wonder Women LA: Meet Niambi Sims!



Meet NIAMBI SIMS of Wonder Women LA!


Niambi Sims is a singer, songwriter and actress who has performed on stages throughout the world. It is her mission to uplift, inspire and educate others through her talents, gifts and service. She accomplishes this through her music, performance and her company Integrated Wellness Concepts. Her music is an exploration of the heart expressed through a diverse mixture of genres.

Niambi answers:

What does empowerment mean to you? The freedom and confidence to give voice and action to the source within me. All that supports the manifestation of my BEST self!
What does being an artist mean to you? Always listening and giving life to that quiet inner voice. Allowing myself to be a vessel for the most high. Being an outward expression of my inner inspiration.
What is your career? My career is a Singer, Songwriter, Actress.
What are the greatest challenges and greatest rewards of your career? The rewards are getting compensated to do something that I would do for free! My art keeps me juicy and alive! The freedom to direct my own course. The challenges are: I consistently have to validate myself and my own work. I am walking on faith more than not (faith that I can do it, faith that I will be supported, faith that the resources will come etc.) and the FREEDOM TO DIRECT MY OWN COURSE! (LOL)
Advice to others embarking on similar career? Follow your own GPS and surround yourself with those that support you.
What would you say to your 8-year-old self? Keep GOing! Failure is a Part of the process not the End of the process. You will fall. You will hurt. You will recover. Learning how to lose is just as important as learning how to win.
What would you say to your 80-year-old self? GIRL YOU DID THAT!! (slaps high five)
What would people be surprised to know about you? I am a Yoga Therapist and a Reiki Healer.
What is your favorite quote? Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

naimbi scene


Niambi’s Integrated Wellness Concepts is a wealth of health and worth a looksee!
You will find Niambi’s music at Facebook.com/niambisings.
Hope to see you in sunny LA! 🙂

Niambi is excited to be sharing some of her new music with us at Wonder Women LA on September 7th at Arcadia Blues Club!
You can find out more about the show and the rest of the Wonder Women LA lineup here!


Click for tix to Wonder Women LA!


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  1. Sharifah Ihsan-Wilson | Reply

    Awesome!!!! Looking forward to seeing you on stage soon…your performance in Jamaica was full of fire & faith! Will spread the word about your event. Abundance is yours.

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