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Some sights and delights from WonderFest 2014. Please see also Life With More Cowbell and WonderWomenWorld














Moving & grooving sounds + positive vibes = WonderFest 2014 concert

Kat Leonard:

WonderFest 2014 was wonderfilled because we had Life With More Cowbell!

Originally posted on life with more cowbell:

SAMSUNG A fabulous, fun time was had by all at WonderFest 2014 and I was so glad to join in the festivities at the concert last night, closing off a day of learning, collaborating and positive interaction at Revival Bar . And after a full day of workshops (A Capella Jam with Niki Andre and a Synergy Session with Madette ), the gang was engergized and ready to go.

LMG Productions organizers Kat Leonard and Arlene Paculan hosted an amazing line-up of talent (aka Wonder Women & Super Men) from a variety of arts disciplines, including music, spoken word, stand-up comedy and visual arts. Visual artists included paintings – which were featured onstage – by Dorothy Knight, Rohan Moore and Stephanie Payne, and face painting by Lisa Diane.

The stellar roster of concert performers, in order of appearance, included:

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WonderFest is here!



Click here for WonderFest 2014 artist info! 

Click here for advance price tickets! 

Click here for Arlene and my interview with Life With More Cowbell!

WonderFest happens this Sunday April 6 at Revival Bar in Toronto.


See you there!


Interview with Kat Leonard & Arlene Paculan on WonderFest 2014 event

Kat Leonard:

Life With More Cowbell: The lifeblood of WonderFest!

People like Cate from Cowbell are the reason Arlene Paculan and I do WonderFest; building a community of empowerment and encouragement within and without the arts. Thank you so much for ringing our bell, Cate! We love you! xo

WONDERFEST 2014 happens Sunday April 6 in Toronto! Giddy up!

Originally posted on life with more cowbell:

POSTERwonder96 Kat Leonard and Arlene Paculan are both amazing solo artists in their own right. Together, they are Musedy Tag Team and half of the Four Winds Collective (with Heather Hill and Meghan Morrison ), performing music with heart and humour, and they are the force behind LMG Productions, spreading empowerment through art through their Wonder Women, Super Men and now WonderFest events. Leonard is also a well-known Johnny Depp fangirl and Paculan, like me, shares his birthday. I interviewed these two lovely and talented ladies over email about their work together and their upcoming WonderFest 2014 event on April 6 at Revival Bar in Toronto.

LWMC: So tell us about how you met and how you came to start working together.

AP: I met Kat at a Valentine’s Show. It was called No Sweetheart Required, so she calls it an anti-Valentine’s Day show. It was so amazing because I immediately…

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WonderFest is coming!



Sunday April 6 at The Revival Bar we’re having workshops and networking and concerts, oh my!

See artists like: Madette, Brendan Albert, Alissa Vox RAW, Ashley Martinez, Rosita Stone, Candice Sand, Dan Curtis Tompson, Vanessa McGowan, Sarah Jean Villa, Emily Nowicki, Dorothy Knight, Niki Andre, Ernie Vicente, Emilia Heather Hill, Meghan Morrison, and of course Arlene Paculan and Kat Leonard!

Hope to see YOU there too!


Quiero ser suspensorio de Johnny Depp

Kat Leonard:

The Four Winds latest performance, at The Beautiful & The Damned, gets a mention by TO Poet in his blog. How nice! Thanks, Duncan!

Duncan 1TO POET

Originally posted on TOpoet:

The February edition of The Damned hosted by Lizzie Violet (a woman who isn’t in the public eye nearly enough) was overflowing with wild, dynamic, free-flowing energy. The many who braved the sub-Arctic winds were rewarded with strong open stagers & sizzling features.

moonwinter moon

First feature Vanessa Smythe give a top-notch performance of polished, smooth and emotionally inviting pieces about sports bar fantasy meetings, break ups, making ups, and older sister realizations. ‘can’t we talk for a few minutes … about our favourite cereal boxes’, ‘I close the door like I’m closing our story book.’ She slips from character to another in a conversation without us losing track of who is speaking. A great performance.

glovewinter (g)love lost

The Four Winds Music Collective are Arlene Paculan, Heather Hill, Kat Leonard & Meghan Morrison. Four powerhouse solo performers who easily merge together for a Power Rangers super group…

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The Four Winds at The Beautiful & The Damned tonight!



It’ll probably look a little something like this:

To hear us you’ll have to come out! Hope to see you tonight! 

6 Tips To Help With The Winter Blahs

Kat Leonard:

The perk of having beautifully spirited and intellectual friends with the gift of word is I can REBLOG proudly! Seriously, let’s kick the winter blahs in their snowballs! :)

Originally posted on Aynsley's Blog:

Ice storms, record snow falls, frigid temperatures! You are not alone if this winter has taken a toll on you emotionally! Mother Nature has arrived and she doesn’t seem to be budging anytime soon. If you are attempting to navigate your way through the winter blues here are six tips to help you find more positivity, lightness and happiness this season: 

Image Fake A Smile

Try it right now.  Fake a smile.  When you fake a smile your cheeks send endorphins to your brain and it tricks you into feeling happy even if you aren’t.   Try practicing 5 fake smiles in a row really quickly.  They’re like sit-ups for your cheeks.  The goofier you feel the better! Even if smiling is the last thing you feel like doing try it anyway. Chances are a real smile will sneak out and Presto!  Feeling a little better?

ImageBath Time

After a cold winter…

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Come By Here on a new music compilation!

Come By Here, the song I wrote with Heather Hill with help from Orville Heyn, made it onto the Positive Music Imperative compilation for January 2014!

What is the Positive Music Imperative?

“The Positive Music Imperative is a collaborative collective, social enterprise, creating a legacy through the creation of positive music, and by educating people around the world about the role and importance of Positive Music in being an agent for personal, community and global change. Our mandate is to both create and positive music as well as to educate the importance of Positive Music and its ability to change people, communities and the world like no other force we know. That’s the Positive Music Imperative.”



Come By Here was inspired by three heroes in my life who battled cancer. Come By Here is a song pleading with the powers that be to come hither and comfort.  To see and hear the January 2014 compilation, visit the Positive Music Imperative website.  For more on the story of Come By Here, visit my previous blog introducing Come By Here.

Have yourself a positively inspired day and more!

:) love Kat xo


Performance Announced: Toronto Songwriting Guild!

Hi there and happy happy!
I am blessed to be part of an inspired group of talented songwriters who elevate me in spirits and technical prowess.
Our monthly meetings are invaluable to me as is each member. So many laughs, so many goosebumps, so many masterpieces of song that come out of the room! And for one night in February you get to come see some of what’s emerged from the process!

TSG poster Feb 6 show - low res

It’s true!

Amsterdam Bicycle Club, 54 The Esplanade, Toronto
Thursday February 6, 2014 at 8:30pm
PWYC (T’hat means Pay What You Can and Play With Your Crowd! ;p)

Here we go! Let’s have some grub and good times!
Hope to see you there! love KAT



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