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New Show Announced: Love Is Everywhere

I am pleased as punch– for whatever punch has to be pleased about since it’s likely about to be gulped– to be part of this show! Please join us if you can!


Sunday March 18th 8-9:30pm
Comedy Bar Toronto
945 Bloor Street West Toronto

Love is Everywhere is back and scientifically sappier than ever!
March is a hard month for many of us (http://www.bbc.com/news/health-13546925) but do not fear! This month we will be giving happiness homework to all of our performers to show you how positive thinking can change your day/life!

This month we have stand up from:
Human Hug, Ryan Dillon!
Best part of everyone’s day, Brian Ward!
And unstoppable comedy badass Nour Hadidi!

AND music from our special guest who is as covered in glitter on the inside as she is on the outside, Kat Leonard!

Tickets at http://comedybar.ca/show.php?Event_ID=9413


Happiness Something We Make Ourselves

Happiness Something We Make Ourselves

This is an article from 1941 found in Grandma’s old family photo albums. Grandma knew it, lived it, and passed the values down through Mom to me. It’s still hard truth.

🙂 love Kat 

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