I don’t give a fuck!

I got a whole lotta respect for the fuckery coming out of Mark Manson in his article about not giving a fuck! Some fucking tidbits:

“…stop fucking around. Get your fucks together… Allow me to fucking show you…

If you find yourself consistently giving too many fucks about trivial shit that bothers you… chances are you don’t have much going on in your life to give a legitimate fuck about. And that’s your real problem. Not the hand sanitizer…

In life, our fucks must be spent on something. There really is no such thing as not giving a fuck. The question is simply how we each choose to allot our fucks…

Fucks are cultivated like a beautiful fucking garden, where if you fuck shit up and the fucks get fucked, then you’ve fucking fucked your fucks all the fuck up.”

If you give a fuck, and if you don’t, please read Mark’s article here:
Mark Manson on not giving a fuck!


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