Come By Here on a new music compilation!

Come By Here, the song I wrote with Heather Hill with help from Orville Heyn, made it onto the Positive Music Imperative compilation for January 2014!

What is the Positive Music Imperative?

“The Positive Music Imperative is a collaborative collective, social enterprise, creating a legacy through the creation of positive music, and by educating people around the world about the role and importance of Positive Music in being an agent for personal, community and global change. Our mandate is to both create and positive music as well as to educate the importance of Positive Music and its ability to change people, communities and the world like no other force we know. That’s the Positive Music Imperative.”



Come By Here was inspired by three heroes in my life who battled cancer. Come By Here is a song pleading with the powers that be to come hither and comfort.  To see and hear the January 2014 compilation, visit the Positive Music Imperative website.  For more on the story of Come By Here, visit my previous blog introducing Come By Here.

Have yourself a positively inspired day and more!

🙂 love Kat xo


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