Come By Here!

Once upon a time I wrote lyrics which depicted experiences with Cancer of three people that affected me greatly.  Of course there are more than three that have affected me, but writing about them all would create an epic song for which the music video would be a multi-ogy.  So I highlighted these three.   What to do about music?  Enter the astounding Heather Hill who created the music and worked with me to finesse the lyrics and come up with a resounding chorus and title.  Come By Here; it’s what the term “Kumbaya” translates to.  You may remember the spiritual song Kumbaya from the 1930s about human bonding, empathy and compassion.  During the  songwriting process Heather had goosebumps, so we knew we were onto something special.


Foreground: Heather Hill’s goosebumps
Background: Heather Hill’s hitmaker piano

Then came along the brilliant Orville Heyn who helped to finalize the lyrics and music.  It was with Orville that I went into the studio this past July to record the track.



1. My reflective self!  2.  My mic and my notes!
3.  My producer/vocal coach/director Orville Heyn!

The result? These are the final lyrics.

-Kat Leonard, Heather Hill, Orville Heyn
(c) 2013

I had an aunt with grace untold

A hefty laugh, warm hand to hold

You’d fall in love before you knew it

Her smile was bright, her humour sharp

Encouraging words dispelled the dark

She was gone before we knew it


Come by here

Come by here

Oh god

Come by here

Grampie fought the great evil abroad

He’s the old kind of brave we’ll forever applaud

He fought for light and liberty

Taught me I was never alone

Gave a young girl a place to belong

When all was done he fell to only one enemy

 [repeat chorus]

I have a friend who’s fought before

The devil it seems came back for more

She struggles inside, you’d never know it

Like a buoyant wave on a frantic sea

She’s the kind of friend I strive to be

An army of hope she marches on

 [repeat chorus] 

In perpetual echo our lost live on!

Where can you hear the song?
For one, you can listen here on Soundcloud!

For two, it is part of an artist compilation CD called She’s Listening which is in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada!  If you’d like, you can pre-order your copy for $12 here.  If you’re in Ottawa on September 8th, you can join Heather Hill and I at the Walk Of Hope and hear us perform the song live then pick up your copy of She’s Listening! There will also be other artists from She’s Listening performing! Sounds like a hoot and holla to me! 🙂

For three, you can see the music video… once there is one! The aim is to produce the video this fall.  Come By Here, all!

Love Kat

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  1. Reblogged this on life with more cowbell and commented:
    This is just so beautiful and moving.

  2. Stunning!

    1. Thanks, Vick! XoxoxoX

  3. Love the song Kat! I can relate…you are so inspiring and I love you for that. I can’t wait to get the CD I pre-ordered. XO Jen Sh

    1. Aw, thanks for your support, Jen! I love you more than words! 🙂 xoxox

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