Meghan Morrison: A Force of Love

-photo by Lizzie Violet
Meghan Morrison at Velvet Underground Canadian Music Week

This week pulsed with remarkable moments, and many of those moments were made extraordinary because they involved Meghan Morrison.  Meghan Morrison is a force of love.  I adore her.  I challenge any live being (big or small, furry or bipedal) to spend any amount of time in her company and not adore her.  She is the light in a dark cave, she is the first giggle you hear after being submerged in the humdrumity of daily life, and she is the sweet gentle breeze that cradles and invigorates you.

My first Meghan Morrison event this week was co-hosting her cyber jam webcast. Featured this week were Angela Saini (CD release April 4th at The Drake!) and Supertash!  I could gush for pages on how much fun I had with these fireballs and how wonderful I think they are, but I think you should go to their websites and find out for yourself!  It is always a blast to tune in to the webcast and participate in the chatroom.  I encourage you to check out the next live webcast and also peruse the archives for a plethora of unique and inspiring local artists!  This is Meghan’s glorious website:

My second Meghan Morrison event this week was her performance at Velvet Underground for CMW (Canadian Music Week).  Her set was enlightening in a rock-and-lightning kind of way.   Her music is groovy and ethereal.  Her voice is uplifting and haunting.  Her presence and passion gave me heartrush and goose bumps!  It’s fitting that the title of her album released last fall, Lark, is a conjunction of the words Light and Dark.  It makes so much sense!  And you can feel the love and enjoyment emanating from the stage off of each band member; a palpable force of love with Meghan Morrison at the vortex.  They are all amazing.

-photo by Lizzie Violet
Kelly Lefaive,Stuart Everitt, Meghan Morrison, Evan LeBlanc

Meghan also made cupcakes for the entire room.  I had two, ‘cause there was one dude at the bar who didn’t look like he’d have a cupcake while drinking beer. This is one of my favourite Meghan Morrison songs, Hush.  I hope to do a cover of it one day!  LifeWithMoreCowbell was also a big part of the fun– as always, enhancing everything with her involvement.

-Jessica Speziale, Kat Leonard, Lily Cheng, Debra Alexander, Heather Hill, Lucy LeBlanc, Champagne Charlie

CMW brought me much joy time with many friends (new and already cherished).  I feel blessed and am already looking forward to next year!  One of the brightest highlights of CMW for me was partying with Seymour Stein!  He signed The Pretenders, The Ramones, Talking Heads, and is the founder of Sire Records and– Oh, yeah, THAT Seymour Stein who signed Madonna!!!!! To put the importance of this to me into perspective for you: Christians have Jesus and I have Madonna.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her existence, her example of innovation, balls and dance grooves.  You cannot imagine the rate at which my heart pumped when I heard the words, “Seymour Stein is sitting in the corner right there.”  Oh Em Gee!  Okay, so I didn’t actually PARTY with Seymour.  Okay, okay, he may not have actually been aware that I was THERE.  But this Kat was at a wee private hotel room party at which Seymour Stein sat in a chair listening to the same intimate acoustic set I was listening to.  And I did escort him to his room afterward.  Okay, okay, so he didn’t actually KNOW I was escorting him… but I did.  I followed him out and meandered with stealth amongst the human clamour he undoubtedly endures most everywhere he goes.  And I got a blurry picture of him from behind and faraway and I will cherish this photo by myself.  Because that’s the kind of stalker I am.

What a week!  Now let’s start the next one!

Hope you enjoy yours!

10 responses

  1. Awesome blog Kat!! It was soo nice to hear Meghan (and see everyone) at CMW last week. You really captured Meghan’s sound and presence in this blog beautifully! I just have to ask…If you had a choice between chatting with Johnny Depp or Seymour Stein, who would you choose?

    1. Hehehe… well, I would definitely choose Seymour to chat with. I have other plans for Johnny! Hehehehe! ;p

      PS Thaaaanks!!! CMW was awesome, eh? It was like a city-wide party for us all. ;p

  2. Reblogged this on life with more cowbell and commented:
    Big fun at CMW with some amazing, talented folks!

  3. Love it, as usual. Did I ever tell you I was back satge with Johnny Depp at a Bob Dylan concert in Paris? I have seen God… no wait, God is Madonna. Did I see Jesus? 😉

    1. LMAO!!!! Kathryn, I believe you saw the holy-multiple! Oh, man!!! Did you touch him? Breeze by and get a whiff? Tell me all!!!! 😀

  4. As usual Ms.Leonard your words fairly pulse and bounce off the page. Wonderful stuff!

    1. Coming from you, Ross Douglas, that is a huge compliment! Thaaaaaanks! 🙂

  5. Wonderful review of the Meghan’s show and CMW. You could be a journalist!!

  6. A “love”-ly post, Kat 🙂 Thank you for all the kind words!! It’s the support from awesome people like you that helps me get through burn out 🙂 hehe

    I hope you get to rub shoulders more formally with Seymour next time and, journalist or not, you better believe I’ll be using this for press quotes 😉

    You rock harder than the Rockies!


    1. Damn straight, lovely Meghan! You deserve every word!
      Hehehe Rockies!

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