My Continuum Plan: To Belly Laugh


Ah… a quiet Sunday all to myself to catch up with me and plan the rest of my life again.  I crack open my new CD, Florence & The Machine, which fuses magnificently with the blissful sound of coffee percolating.  It’s 12:30pm when I wake up.  It’s never too late for a good morning and it’s never too late for a happy childhood!  I sit in my comfy chair gazing out the front window, watching glitter fall from the sky.  I breathe deeply, inhaling the optimistic scent of a fireside candle, nestle in and reflect on how I want to spend the rest of my life.  What is most important to me?  What is the least my being needs to subsist joyfully?

I pick to belly laugh. I had an explosive time over dinner with friends last night. When we get together it is non-stop fast and funny.  It is an infusion of joy and a physical reminder that I’m alive.  Sometimes it’s just a visual expression, the gifted use of vocabulary in a ridiculous sentence, or a guffaw over mutual understanding. And usually the source of the belly laugh is not something you can replicate or share with others. How many times have you lamented, “I guess you had to be there,” through fits of laughter-for-one while you try to spread the joy?  It’s not always possible to pay these moments forward. That’s why we must constantly revel in them and generate new ones.  I find it worthy to note that it’s these small moments that make the biggest impact on us.  It’s usually the smallest events that prompt a couple to fight and the wee absurdities that cause a belly laugh to take hold.  You can’t bottle up and save a belly laugh.  You can only be thankful for experiencing it and savor the way it remains in your system enriching the foundation of your being.

Laugh For The Health Of It is an article on the physical benefits of laughter, and it comes with a disclaimer:  “Laughter may not be suitable for everyone.  Remember that laughter is a form of exercise with similar side effects. People suffering from uncontrolled seriousness might experience complications or may even die laughing.  Side effects however, will always include warm fuzzy feelings, afterglow and miraculous new beginnings. Consult your physician if you have heart problems, high blood pressure or palpitations, as several extra hugs per day may be indicated for you.”

My continuum plan for life is to always seek out the belly laugh.  A belly laugh: the universal language of joy.  It’s the orgasm of life.  It can include multiple participants of all ages, sizes, sexes, and you needn’t feel shame if someone catches you doing it in public.  It starts with a specific punch and spreads throughout, leaving you gasping and euphoric.  Yes, I pick to belly laugh!

May you find several moments each day that tickle your fancy, trigger a belly laugh, and contribute to a joyful life!

Love KAT 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on life with more cowbell and commented:
    And speaking of the wise and talented Kat Leonard – she’s playing at Graffiti’s Tumultuous Tuesdays tomorrow night. 🙂

  2. LOVE this post – and the image you’ve used here is perfect!

    1. Thaaaaaanks! xoxox 😉

  3. Belly laughing is the best. You are right those small precious moments make pur lives so rich. Thanks for making us laugh!

  4. The best part is that often you can’t even remember what made you laugh so hard in the first place. It’s the shared laughter that’s important.

    1. It’s so true!!!! Thanks, all! Hahahahahaha! ;p

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