Living The Dream: A Taste of Hollywood!


Happy month leading into springtime!

I just returned from my first (but not last) trip to LA, where it’s springtime or better all year round!  For years I considered LA to be this mystical land of lights and action.  I couldn’t quite resolve a clear visualization.  It was like I was trying to make out a grey cloud on an overcast day.  What a pleasant surprise when I arrived!  The people of LA look just like us and the sun is shining!  I immediately felt like I belonged in LA and that I may bump into Britney Spears.  Why Britney spears?  I dunno!  In the land where dreams come true, there’s no interrogating the dreamer.  I love my home, but I think I could fill a good many buoyant days in LA!

For much of the entertainment industry, LA is the last stop: the mecca which many actors, musicians and other storytellers work toward and pilgrimage to.  And you can feel that. Everyone in LA seems happy to be there.  They’ve got a dream and they’re enthusiastically pursuing it.  My dream is to entertain and inspire with my music and comedy.  My LA traveling companion and BFF Arlene Paculan is well on her way.  Hearing her spirit soar through her music is enough to send you to a place where dreams are alive.  You can check her out at  What are your dreams?  Where will we be a year from now?

LA inspired and invigorated me.  A year from now I vow to be back in the mecca of dreams, if not sooner!  If you’d like to follow my expedition in “Kat’s Return To LA”, and read about my preparation, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter here!  You’ll also receive a song download.  🙂

Go forth and keep those dreams alive, everybuddy!

Love KAT!




7 responses

  1. Cheers to living those dreams!!! whoohooo!!! And nice photo haha

  2. Yeah.. Your fortune cookie would read. “destined for greatness.” LA sounded great. Xo

  3. “…mystical land of lights and action …” awesome.

  4. You’re the best, Kat!!!! I’m inspired just reading your blog! Perhaps I’ll see you down there 😉

  5. Kat, I never really wanted to go there until NOW. Lived in NY, Nashville, Austin, Boston area, Toronto–all great scenes, but thanks for bringing the good side of LaLa to life. 🙂

    1. Nashville and Austin are on my list too!!! Will be talking to you about it! 🙂

  6. I just had to repost this wonderful blogger’s take on filmmaking and actressing in LA.
    What a perspective! 🙂

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