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Life With More Cowbell interviews Lisa Anita Wegner, an amazingly stunning woman who credits art for saving her life after a brain injury! She shares her story during Wonder Fest Wednesday March 6th 7pm-8:30pm at The Fringe Creation Lab. Details here: http://wonderwomenworld.tumblr.com/WorkshopDetails
“Figure out what it is you love doing and never stop… Everyone can do this, and I encourage everyone to find what it is for them and go after it with gusto. Pierce the mundane to find the marvelous inside you. You are worth it!” Lisa Anita Wegner.
Do yourself a favour and check Lisa out! For serious, yo! love KAT xoxox

life with more cowbell

When Kat Leonard introduced me to multi-talented, muti-faceted, multi-media working artist Lisa Anita Wegner, what struck me the most was that Lisa credits art with saving her life. You can read her story here. And when I visited her blog site, I was blown away by the imagery in her pixel paintings.

I had a chance to interview Lisa over email – here’s what she had to say:

LWMC: Hi, Lisa. I was looking at your WordPress blog site and the Mighty Brave Productions site to get a sense of the work you do – and was amazed at the multi-faceted aspect of your work overall, and how it all boils down to authentic storytelling, and using story to make interior and exterior connections. You’ve worked as an actor, producer, writer, filmmaker and visual artist. What else? What came first for you and how did the media you work…

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The Lost Hour


…notice this blog starts mid-way.  That’s because it’s Daylight Savings Time and the top of this blog should have been written during that hour that was lost.  Sarry.  My blog on THE GAINED HOUR will be much more lengthy and in-depth.

I wish I could blame that lost hour for my foggy and disheveled ways but I must admit that I live in a constant state of jet-lag so to say I consciously feel the effects by Daylight Savings Time would be a falsity.  I sleep at odd hours for odd lengths of time and my mind seems to fade in and out of different time zones and realities.  I experience wee moments of bewilderment, just little things like pouring juice on cereal, failing to put coffee grounds in the filter… and not realizing it until after I’ve finished drinking the coffee and wonder why I’m asleep in my own drool again.  Why is this happening?  Am I losing my mind?

Then I read this article about multitasking and technology ACTUALLY making us dumber.  Phewf.  So it’s not just me.  We’re suffering as a species.  I feel a bit better… but a bit worse.  Time to take action.  As I’m on double duty here writing this blog at the same time I struggle to pay attention to Eastbound and Down, I’ve got to ditch one…

Love, KAT 🙂

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