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Love feels better when you give it away!

It’s true, isn’t it?

This past week we held Wonder Women IV and there was so much love and spirit pinging off the walls of The Central Bar & Grill I felt bombarded by joy!

Wonder Women is a series of live events started by the uber-talented and ever-generous Wonder Woman Arlene Paculan.  She created it to help promote local talent and also raise awareness and funds for local charities.  For WWIV we joined with Red Door Family Shelter and Beverly Webb from Red Door attended the event to share the love and spread the word.

A highlight for me was when the beautiful Arlene Paculan covered my greatest hit Jockstrap and made it sweetly and sinfully soulful.
Here’s a link to the video: Arlene does Jockstrap!

Blurbs and pictures from WWIV can be found in the blogs of the following Wonder Women:

Four, hot talented women join forces for Red Door at Wonder Women IV
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Wishing you the joy of love coming in and going out in equal measure!
Love KAT 🙂

Spring has sprung!

The sun is shining, the windows are open, the breeze no longer bites your arse, and it’s time for dreams to come true!

I am so thrilled to be involved in this amazing show coming April 25th at Central in Toronto!

Wonder Women

Happy Spring, everybuddy!

Love KAT

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