New Show Announced: Rockstar!

New Show Announced: Rockstar! (Working Title!)

I am so excited to be writing my new one-gal show! It’s about me growing up as a rockstar. It’s true. It happened. This is so brand new I will be previewing the first half of it as an opener to the illustrious Stephanie Herrera’s new show Am I Pretty Now? before she takes it to New York City! You should seriously come and check this out! I promise fun! I would love your feedback as I develop this new show! What should I title it? If you come up with a title I can use for the show I will write you your own original song dedicated to whatever you choose!



Friday November 4 2016
The Harmony Creek Community Centre
15 Harmony Road North, Oshawa

$10 at the door

What a bargain for 2 great gals in 2 great shows! Woop! Hope to see you there!
Love, me.


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