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Love Mania! I love you more than pizza!

I love you more than pizza! I was a happy guest on Night Time TV with Arlene Paculan recently and I performed my song Love Mania! 

Come to KATBARET! This Thursday Oct 27th 6pm-8pm and hear me do it live– as well as hear from other fabulous artists including Arlene Paculan, Carla Gonzalez, Lori Lane Murphy and Neil Traynor! Yahoo!


Connect with Night Time on Twitter @NightTimeRTV and me @katbandoo!

Have a glorious day! 🙂



New Show Announced: Rockstar!

New Show Announced: Rockstar! (Working Title!)

I am so excited to be writing my new one-gal show! It’s about me growing up as a rockstar. It’s true. It happened. This is so brand new I will be previewing the first half of it as an opener to the illustrious Stephanie Herrera’s new show Am I Pretty Now? before she takes it to New York City! You should seriously come and check this out! I promise fun! I would love your feedback as I develop this new show! What should I title it? If you come up with a title I can use for the show I will write you your own original song dedicated to whatever you choose!



Friday November 4 2016
The Harmony Creek Community Centre
15 Harmony Road North, Oshawa

$10 at the door

What a bargain for 2 great gals in 2 great shows! Woop! Hope to see you there!
Love, me.


New Show Announced: KATBARET!


Thursday October 27, 2016
120 Diner, 120 Church Street, Toronto
PWYC (suggested $10-$20)

Music! Dance! Stories! Laughter! Friends!
Let’s celebrate the ups and downs of life with…

-MUSIC by Kat Leonard Music joined by Arlene Paculan Music
-KATAPTATIONS- Kat covers new songs as requested by fans!
-DANCERS Carla Gonzalez and Raquel Victoria! (and you?!)

Just in time for Halloween! No tricks, just treats!