People Profile: Ryan VanDrie!

This is a special BS Fridays edition People Profiles! BS Fridays is a musical networking community where musical souls in the industry from artists, performers, businesses peeps and more get together to pool their resources and expand their support. On Friday August 12th you can come out to The Cameron House in Toronto and meet us and see some of us performing– including me and Ryan VanDrie!


Who is Ryan VanDrie? Well, he’s a kind of road warrior, creative musician and more! He is currently building his own alt rock band project called if & when  that has light show programming with live performances. It has been a lengthy labour of love that finally comes to fruition at The Piston for Tues October 18th. Be there if you can!

You can get a sense of Ryan’s music on Soundcloud! Here’s a sampling duo!


You know I asked Ryan some questions about himself! Here are his answers!

What is your career? I am currently working in Road Operations for a local municipality. I respond to high priority concerns and investigate legal claims related to roads.

Is it the same as your passion? No. Not yet, anyway.

What is your passion? My passion is creating, writing, recording and performing music. I also have a great deal of enthusiasm for concert lighting / visuals.

What are the greatest challenges and greatest rewards of your career? Greatest challenge can be dealing with the public. Haha. Greatest rewards are the extended health benefits.

What is your advice to others embarking on similar career? Whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure that you love it. Skills can always be developed, but passion is something that you will either have or will not have for a certain career.

What does it mean to be an artist? To me, a true artist unapologetically creates and performs with self awareness and intent, and without the burden of inadequacy and indiscretion.

5 years ago, did you expect to be where you are today? Why, why not? Five years ago, I didn’t know where to expect I should be today. Mostly due to of a lack of foresight. I’m content with my current situation, but there’s so much more I desire for myself. Needless to say, I’m planning a little harder now.

Where will you be in 5 years? Cover of the Rolling Stone? Hah :p

What would you say to your 8-year-old self? “Give me your lunch money”. Seriously though: Don’t listen to the discouragement of others. Focus on what you want and make sure you’re willing to work your ass off to get it.

What would you say to your 80-year-old self? I’m sorry.

How lucky are you and why? Pretty friggin lucky. Good things seem to just come to me.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I’m kind of a physics geek.

What makes you laugh? What is fun for you? Brooklyn 99. Love that show.

What makes you question humanity? The current state of the impending US election. It’s terrifying to think that “President Trump” might actually be a thing in less than a year.

What is your favourite quote? If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. Carl Sagan

What does being involved with the BS Friday’s group and community mean to you? Being a part of BS Fridays means being connected to hundreds of incredible musicians and music business entrepreneurs and using those connections to share valuable information which helps us to be better, and helps to create a better local music scene.

How long have you been involved and what have you gotten out of it? I’ve been involved with BS Fridays for about 3 years. I’ve made some great friends and relationships as a result, and learned things that have changed and strengthened how I function as a musician and member of the music community.

What can people expect from the BS Friday’s networking and showcase event in August? You can expect fun times with great people.


For more on Ryan if & when, and to connect:
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram = @ryanvandrie

Twitter & Instagram = @ifandwhenband
Facebook = @ifandwhen


And of course, come see us play at The Cameron House Friday August 12th 9:00pm!
Look at the spectaaaacular lineup! 🙂

Click for Facebook Event here!





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