WonderFest Panel & Play Series!

WonderFest Painted Lady May1
Let’s Make Good Productions presents our first WonderFest Panel & Play Series
hosted by Arlene Paculan & Kat Leonard!
At Let’s Make Good Productions we aim to foster a nurturing community of artists and fans who can come together to empower one another to explore and build an incredible life. To us, this means showcasing and discussing the issues that face us all within the arts and the world at large. We really appreciate your participation in this thriving movement and invite you to join us for our new series of events which will consist of a panel of speakers discussing various topics, followed by our showcase of talent including musicians, comics, spoken word artists, visual artists and more.
Please contact us at letsmakegoodmail@gmail.com or on Let’s Make Good Productions Facebook  if you are interested in participating as a panelist or showcase artist. We love you. 🙂

The Painted Lady 218 Ossington, Toronto

Do It Yourself Careers in the Arts featuring:
Tony Roost of One Fire Movement, musician, activist
Marc Anthony Sinagoga, comedian
Signe Miranda, musician, coach, author
Dagmar Morgan, spoken word artist
PWYC (Suggested $10) featuring:
Marc Anthony Sinagoga
Signe Miranda
Dagmar Morgan
Like and follow and all that!
Tony Roost Twitter: @OneFireMovement
Marc Anthony Sinagoga Insta/Twitter: @notmarcanthony
Signe Miranda Twitter: @signemiranda 
Dagmar Morgan
Let’s Make Good Productions Twitter/Insta@LMGProductions
Arlene Paculan Twitter: @arlene_paculan Insta: @ourleanpea
Kat Leonard Twitter/Insta: @katbandoo
WonderFest Painted Lady May1

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