Delrose! A giggling unassuming bright bundle of joy she is. She’s worked very hard on releasing her first CD and it was effort well-placed, in my opinion. I find Delrose’s voice instantly soothing and her music immediately singalongable. It is said that the reason we as humans write and perform music is to attract a group to sing along with us, to gather a crowd and mount a force of voices to keep the lions at bay. If this is true, there be no lions at a wienie roast where Delrose’s Jump be playing. It is sure to inspire a singalong. It is a delightful soundscape for the everyday and I recommend you Jump in and take a listen for yourself!


-Photography by Jeremiah Hill

“JUMP released on April 12, 2014 and Delrose is more than ecstatic to share her music with a wider audience. Her songs run high on emotion. Her performances are heart-felt and true. Music is her way of life. It is what drives her. Singing is her drug of choice and songwriting is her therapy.”


-Photography by Jeremiah Hill

By the amount of glee emanating from this pic of Delrose with Owen Huot and Juan Santos at Placebo Space in Toronto, I’d say Delrose’s musical drugs and therapy are working!

The sounds of Delrose are available for owning on iTunes and for soundscaping on Soundcloud! 

For more on Delrose, visit her website! 

Why not take a leap and go for a Jump! Get it? Get it!

🙂 love Kat



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