Wanna Package?!

(SAC Songwriting Challenge Week 3)

Wanna package?! I’m in an Expedia.ca commercial! 

Expedia Screen Shot

Click to see a glimpse of me in a commercial for Expedia.ca!

Oh, you’re back here and not surfing YouTube? My attempt to distract you has failed.

It’s time for me to confess another deficiency. In Week 3 of the SAC Songwriting Challenge, Pat Pattison started talking about C major triad root position 5th of the G tonic function overtones root position substitute… and I was befuddled to distraction and confronted with another disadvantage of mine: I don’t play an instrument outside of myself. Yes, I’m my own instrument.  I use my face (mostly the mouth part) and my butt. But it’s not what you think.  My mouth is the wind instrument. My butt is the rhythm section. As I shake it and swing it, drop to my knees and thump to the ground,  I am my own percussion. This music theory had me skidding up against my shortcoming. I hadn’t felt so challenged since I’d tried to make coffee that morning before having had coffee. Not only am I coming from a place of zero songwriting technique, but I also lack the theory and techniques behind music. Bah! Luckily for me, the lesson turned to rhyming with words. I know about words. My favourite words from the lesson are assonance and fricative. Say them out loud for utmost pleasure!

I continue to struggle with the tools of songwriting… the analysis… the arrangement… but the operative word in this sentence is CONTINUE. I embrace the discomfort of evolution and will improve by it!

As P!nk says, “You gotta get up and try, try, try!” Ooh! Let’s get distracted by P!nk’s video for Try. I could seriously watch this a million times over and never tire, especially if I had a bag of chips at my side. Always with the chips. Sheesh!

13 responses

  1. Oh, I love you. You words and your humour are delicious and that FACE! Loved the look you gave that guy when you dropped the ‘package’ off! I so hope to see you live one day.

  2. Oh, yes! Our live meeting will be delicious fun! 😀

  3. Assonance! Fricative! I think this is one of my favourite posts yet. xo

  4. I feel the same way. While I play guitar I have no idea why what I’m doing sounds good. But my lack of theory certainly doesn’t diminish my love of it.

    Love your Expedia work too. I love that you have such a diverse base of creative outlets.

    1. Thanks, Tucker! Love the creative outlets! They fuel life, don’t they? 🙂

  5. Awesome blogging! You’re a star blogger, Kat, and you can’t fail to write brilliant lyrics if you can write this well in prose. You brighten my day with that amazing way you have of making me smile and laugh every few lines! A true entertainer.

    1. Thanks, Michael!!! Wow! You just made my day! 🙂

  6. Ms Leonard -you are in a word – spectacular
    – you are in 10 words – far greater than the sum of your mouth and butt

    1. LMAO! Ross, that shall be my new tagline and my epitaph! THANK YOU!!! 😀

  7. What a fun blog site! Love the package!

    1. Thaaaaanks, Dawn! 😃

  8. KAT, Your attempt did not fail…that LOOK was priceless. I hope you got paid handsomely fot that. Your Blog made me laugh and smile the whole way through…extremely well done. Clearly you have never had a music theory lesson with the Word Maven at Song Maven Studio however! If you can count to 13, and you know your alphabet up to the letter “G,” I got your assonance covered! Seriously!

    1. Thaaaaaanks Word Maven! 😝Hehehe you said assonance!

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