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FLOOD FLOTSAM: This is a poem I found in the flooded basement debris.  I wrote it in high school.  I like it because it’s about finding love but not necessarily romantic love.  I’ve always found incredibly deep love in friendship.

Someone Special

Someone special in your life
is what every somebody needs,
even if they’re kept deep inside your heart
and only come out in your dreams.

When all the others shake their heads,
their backs and walk away,
there should always be somebody standing,
someone special left to stay.

Through all unhappiness,
for all the times you cry,
someone special is there with a smile,
to dry your tears, to be on your side.

I’ve found this someone special in you.
Who else could there possible be?
You’re the only one in this whole wide world
Who makes me see someone special in me.

Wishing someone special for all of you!

Love love love!


FLOATING IN THE FLOOD: Comparative Chordate Anatomy

FLOATING IN THE FLOOD: a guffaw and a-ha walk down memory lane.

We had a flood in our basement that caused the rapid evacuation of accumulated random life bits.  As I sort and purge the flotsam, some items I will share.  This could be considered evidence that I’m a packkat (Get it? Pack…Kat? Packkat? Not packet.)

Comparative Chordate Anatomy: This is a mid-term exam I endured during my final year of university earning a degree in Science.  You know how they say that every 7 years all your cells are completely new and you’re a totally different person?  I think it’s especially true in the brain sector!  I know I passed this course and part of that process included answering 3 out of these 5 questions in less than an hour and 15 minutes. Right now I can’t even decipher what these questions are asking!  A sure sign that this is indeed my exam paper, however, is that I was using a purple pen.  I’m comforted to consider that not all things change so radically.  And I can still tell you whether a fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) is female or male and if it’s female whether or not it’s a virgin.  Not as popular a party trick as you’d think.  I could also look at a cross-section of a cell and tell you what organ tissue it came from.  That trick’s even less popular so I haven’t preserved the skill.  I can still touch my tongue to my nose, though.  I cultured that dexterity during—oh, I shant retell the procuring of that knack online lest my regenerated-amalgamation-of-cells self 7 years hence shuns me!

Please enjoy this mid-term exam, especially if you can answer 3 out of 5!

As always,

Kat Leonard, BSc.

I just so happen to be sharing the stage with the amazing Lizzie Violet twice this week! 😀

Lizzie Violet

I’m performing at two events this week!  First up, tomorrow’s Wonder Women V.  This show is going to rock the socks off Mississauga!  Not only that, I get to perform along with Meghan Morrison, Iman Wain, Ellie Anderson, Heather Pirie, Kat Leonard, Arlene Paculan, Cindy Aston, Shannon Butcher, Sophia Radisch, Lily Cheng, Patrizia Dioguardi Pomeroy, Keesha Brownie, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Dorothy Weiss, Roveena, Heather Schiller and abecdarians.  Please come out and see amazing Wonder Women perform at Celebration Square Amphitheatre in Mississauga and it’s FREE!

Then on Sunday am performing at Toronto Queer Arts and Culture Festival – 2nd Annual Smash Words (at the Press Club) along with Kat Leonard, David Bateman, Philip Cairns, Kirk DeMatas, Brock Hessel, Frank Hull, DM Moore!

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Heather Hill, fellow Wonder Women V feature, highlights the background of the series started by Arlene Paculan! 😀

List of Performers:

Shannon Butcher
Kat & The MP3
Lizzie Violet
Karen Kay Santos
Cindy Ashton
Ellie Anderson
Iman Wain
Roveena GMusic
Keesha Brownie
Meghan Morrison
Joanna Chapman-Smith
Heather Schiller
Heather Hill
Lily Cheng
Arlene Paculan
Sophia Radisch

Wonder Woman V – August 8th, Celebration Square Amphitheatre, Mississauga, 7:30pm

For press enquiries contact:

Leuty Station Earworms!

Heather Hill is touring her new album, Leuty Station, this summer– with the happy-vibe spreading Lily C!

Heather Hill launched Leuty Station May 2012.  Warning: it causes ear worms, that entertaining condition whereby a catchy tune boogies in your head throughout the day even when no tangible music is playing.

Heather Hill’s voice is like liquid love, with robust rumbling lows, ethereal highs and a plethora of delicious tones in between.  She’s one of those singers who can convey a story and/or emotion with the sound of her vocalizations without lyrics– and then she’s got good lyrics too!  The amazing thing about Heather’s lyrical stories is that they are very specific and often very literal with a truth that can give you shivers.

The vocal and instrumental play weaving together throughout this album is inspired and fun.  I’ll leave the instrumental critique to someone more instrumentally adept, but to this laylady—(Hmm, this literary play on layman doesn’t have the eloquent sound I thought it might)—I hear topnotch beats and grooves that generate many a Leuty Station earworm.  Prior to the Leuty Station CD launch, Heather did a marvelous series devoting a blog to each individual song on the CD.  You can hear the song, read the lyrics and learn a little something about the origin and process of the song.  It really is worth the read and listen.  It starts here: Leuty Station pre-release song 1

Never Grow Old has an infectious beat with thunderous affecting crashes.  I love the story behind this song and often smile with the thought of it. “To age and never grow old”

Wading Through Normal is extra-special to me because it’s a co-write with another gal I admire, Meghan Morrison.  I interviewed the two lovelies on their collaboration, and you can explore that here. Wading Through Normal sings for the unsung hero in Moms everywhere. “She’s remarkable in the every day, notable in the always there.”

Last Train is one of those true stories that gives me goose bumps when I consider it.  It’s a true story and the resultant song is haunting and encouraging in equal measure.  It reminds me how important it is to keep your mind and body as fit as possible.  “If ever there’s a time to win a race it’s now.”

The refrain of Leuty Station really speaks to me lyrically and sonically.  It takes me beyond myself, the way the refrain in Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey does.  It feels like the melody of my life, an anthem of hope weighted in possibility that makes me feel equally light and powerful.   It makes me feel truthful about myself.  “I like it that way, I like it that way.  Alone in the rain and the waves with my thoughts and hopes on this stormy day.” If ever I could do a Heather Hill cover song, Leuty Station is it.

For a truly transcending musical experience, you must hear Heather Hill live.  Generous, witty and wise in music and deed, she is an all-around luminous musician, woman and friend.

For information on Heather’s upcoming tour and how you can lure her to your very own city, visit if you haven’t been there by now.

I look forward to sharing the lineup with Heather, Meghan Morrison, Lily C, and many other wonderful artists at the upcoming Wonder Women V event August 8, 2012 at 7:30 at the Celebration Square Amphitheatre in Mississauga. Hope to see you there!

Sing a blissful tune, everybuddy!