I can relate to Ms April’s mind boggle! It can be a struggle when you trip over your own thoughts! And it’s magic when you’re allowed to set those thoughts free for the moment and let that wee current moment just take over and roll on over into the next. 🙂  And also– what a voice! 😀


We had a great gig at The Canyon club in Agoura Hills this past Thursday, May 10th 2012 and I couldn’t sleep that night still swimming in the euphoric afterglow of it all. Recently I’ve been reading Steve Martin’s memoir called, “Born Standing Up” and in the early part of the book he makes mention of a phenomena that I couldn’t help but remember as I was singing this Thursday. I’m paraphrasing it but it’s something along the lines of an acute awareness of being in front of a crowd and having your mouth be in the present delivering the lines but your mind being in the future.

This is a phenomena that I am all too familiar with as a performer. If the audience could be inside the jumbled mess that is my head while I perform I honestly don’t think that they would enjoy the performance half as much!…

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