40 Things I’ve Learned

40 Things I’ve Learned, in no particular order but the one they came to me in, by Kat Leonard:

1.  You won’t end up with the friends you started with.

2.  Keep friends in whose company you like yourself.

3.  I’m lucky.   Part of being lucky is realizing that you are.

4.  Love feels even better going out than coming in.

5.  My gut serves me best but my mind provides a worthy and engaging opponent.

6.  Self-Doubt will keep you humble if it doesn’t paralyze you.

7.  You can’t blame someone for not reacting the way you would.

8.  No one can make you feel any particular way without your permission.

9.  Maintain high hopes and low expectations.  Also, early is on time and on time is late!

10.  If you know enough to say sorry while you’re doing it, DON’T DO IT!  Duh!

11.  All that glitters can be worn at once.

12.  The heart is a muscle: work it hard, permit it recovery, and enjoy it getting stronger.

13.  There’s a right time for being right.

14.  Camping sucks.

15.  Oftentimes, freedom is a state of mind and captivity self-inflicted.

16.  Don’t sit too long.

17.  Stop eating when you’re full.

18.  Be stingy with your time.  It’s the most expensive thing you can waste.

19.  If it’s feasible and it doesn’t hurt anyone, it can’t be bad merely because it’s unconventional.

20.  Relentless hope and joy can be found in the facial expression of a Smurf.

21.  All things are equal at the end of the world.

22.  Carry sunscreen, dental floss and earplugs.

23.  Never pass up an opportunity to drink water, go to the bathroom or brush your teeth.

24.  If the day doesn’t feel right at first, take a nap and start over again.

25.  People remember both a buoyant smile and a droning whine long after it’s left the room, so execute the one you’d like to be remembered for most.

26.  The truth is equally the most exhilarating and effortless way to go.

27.  Live each chapter of your life to its fullest.  Don’t jump ahead and don’t try to back-edit.

28.  Courage is being unnerved and moving forward anyway.

29.  The answer is not at the bottom of a bag of chips.  But there seem to be quite a few good clues there.

30.  The second you think you’re unhappy, you are.

31.  Accept compliments promptly and gracefully.

32.  Listen to music.  Read books!  Read books that are more than a thousand pages long!  Immerse yourself in another world.

33.  It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

34.  If you laugh well, your lines will be in the right place.

35.  That which you create is real.

36.  When the urge to dance hits, succumb to it regardless of where you are.  The likelihood of harm coming your way is highly unlikely.   Mmm… maybe not in a customs lineup.

37.  Participate all you can now, because you’re only going to get more tired as the years pass.

38.  We regret the things we don’t do more profoundly than the things we do.

39.  If you have to question or analyze it, they don’t love you the way you imagine they do.

40.  Kiss.  Hug.   Keep your socks dry.


12 responses

    1. THAAAAAAAAAAANKS!!!! Education is never wasted! Hehehe… 😀

  1. #36 babbbbyy DANNNCEEE

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Love this – the only one I disagree with is camping!! You are the best!! Very wise!!

    1. Ha! Camping’s one I’m most emphatic about! ;p

  3. This is so brilliant and inspiring – I’m feeling like I want to create my own list now. xoxo

  4. It’s nice to have all these reminders of why I like you so much! Good exercise, well done!

    1. Ha! Thaaaaaaaaaanks, Debra! Ditto! 😀

  5. #11 captures you to the T! Made me literally LOL
    I’d have to add #41: when you’re feeling glad or sad or mad, its probably time for a bag of jalapeno jack…(Keep a good stock of wet wipes to prevent others from thinking you have a nasty nicotine habit)

    1. Hahaha! So true! I would have to concur on #41 and suggest we Jack it up real soooon! 🙂

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