Note To Fans: WIP In Peace

This week I realized how much I apologize to myself for not “finishing”, for not being where I “ought to be”, for continuously being a WIP (Work In Progress).  YouTube was the subject of this week’s 9 Weeks… and this week I was on the verge of despair with thoughts that I had so much work to do on my YouTube channel (inputting and tagging and shooting and editing and uploading and analyzing and strategizing and setting and matching and aligning) that my channel would simply never be finished.

Then I realized that NOTHING is ever truly FINISHED.  Not really.

One can never truly FINISH the laundry.  ‘Cause even as you’re putting away that folded T-shirt, I bet you’re wearing a pair of underwear.  That’s dirty underwear now, and that means laundry.  So the laundry isn’t finished.  It’s only just begun!  It’s a work in progress.

One can never truly FINISH their YouTube channel.  You will always be adding new videos, changing themes, adjusting colours.  Right now I’m on a 9-week music administration mission during which my music and video production has been put on hiatus.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t have sounds dancing with images in my head.  My notes of inspiration still accumulate in my Sponge Bob Square Pants lunchbox!  My creation is a work in progress.

One can never truly FINISH themselves!  When will I be done?  Will there be a day when someone says to me, “Wow, Kat, you’re, like… really… so… done.  You’re finished.  How did you accomplish it so completely?” And if this happens, this extraordinary finishing: Then what?  What’s actually so GREAT about being finished? When a bag of Doritos is finished, it totally sucks!  There’s no longer something to look forward to, no potential, no hope.

I don’t wanna be without hope!  I wanna maintain my hopeful, unrefined, unfinished edge!  I wanna remain a work in progress! Yeah, man!  I shall remain a work in progress!  And I won’t lament it!  I shall be a WIP in peace!  Yes I will.  In fact, screw it.   I’m not finishing—


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5 responses

  1. keep hope alive girl!! You are right, we are never finished – I love the WIP theory – I am going to adapt it! I love you!!!!

  2. I am soooo part of the WIP club. Can we get t-shirts? You have a way of making it all make sense! Love love love reading your blogs.

  3. Thaaaaanks! T-shirts are in the works! ;p

  4. You have a beautiful sense of design – clean and simple! & I want a t-shirt just like the baseball cap – it would be a perfect fit for me!

  5. WIP in Peace! Brilliant! I’m not finishing either—

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