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New show announced: KATBARET!

“I don’t care if I sing off-key. I find myself in my melodies. I sing for love, I sing for me, I shout it out like a bird set free.” Bird Set Free SIA

New music! New stories! New shenanigans! 

KATBARET  is me playfully doing whatever I wanna do! I will be presenting new material aaaaaand covering beloved music of friends!

Covering Friends: Heather Hill, Arlene Paculan and I do each other musically! I have chosen a couple of my fave songs of theirs and they will do the same. 

Thursday June 23, 2016

Show start 7:30pm

Free Times Cafe

320 College Street Toronto


Come eat, drink and make merry and shout out loud like a bird set free!

Heather Hill is a singer-songwriter with roots in piano pop, with songs that stem from gutsy stories and bloom with inspiration.

Arlene Paculan creates soulful pop with passion. 


It’s WonderFest West Eve! 

Tomorrow Saturday June 4th, 2016, Let’s Make Good Productions presents another exciting event right here in our city – WonderFest West, where the aim is to spread empowerment through art. This event is extra special because it will be showcasing many talented artists from the Mississauga area, home to co-owner Arlene Paculan.

The event starts off with an incredible dance workshop led by top break dancer and creator of Ground Illusionz, Marcelino “Frost” DaCosta at 4pm. The workshop is free, however, donations for the session will be accepted.
To end the evening, WonderFest West will showcase over 15 artists in a concert at 7pm. You’ll hear from an array of talent and enjoy music, poetry, comedy, spoken word, experience visual art and witness live paintings at the showcase! 
Advanced $10 tickets can be purchased online until June 1st.
Tickets will be available after that for $15 at the door. Search WonderFest West on or visit this site.
Artists include: 
· Ernie Vicente
· Ricardo Mejias
· Kat Leonard
· Arlene Paculan
· Mileena Sobreira
· Frost
· Es
· Delrose
· River North
· Andrew Wilson
· Sonya Zhang
· Charmie Deller
· Josephine Casey
· Mya Casey
· Viniti Venkatesh
· Ylana Luigi-Stelling
· Carla Gonzalez-Casanova
· Nisreen Art
LMG Productions hopes to inspire and encourage participants and the audience members to allow themselves to share their creativity, or even rediscover it again if they have forgotten their love for being creative.
For further information:
Arlene Paculan – Executive Producer LMG Productions
Kat Leonard – Artistic Director LMG Productions
LMG Productions