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New Show Announced: Me, Myselfie & Candice Sand! August 15th!

myseflie oster

It is time for the next rendition of Myselfie, with more songs and stories! And guess who else!!!

Candice Sand! Pop/R&B Recording Artist, Songwriter, and #FlowerChild creating music to touch the heart and move the body. A blend of Nastasha Bedingfield and Alicia Keys– and a gloriously funny, smart, hardworking and inspiring soul I am so proud to call friend! 🙂 xo

CLICK FOR VIDEO! Something to cool you off in the hot summer daze… this is one of my fave Candice Sand songs, Go On, featuring JRDN. Some of the lyrics: We can do anything! Get up and Go on! 


For more Candice, click up her site!

CLICK FOR VIDEO! Me on why I’m doing Myselfie


Proceeds from this event will go toward the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) which promotes healthy lifestyles as an alternative to dieting and the destructive cultural emphasis on appearance.

Doors 7:00 Show 8:00
$10 at the door

Now go on, and see you there!  🙂 ❤



The One-self show full of humours and heartfelt storytelling, music and dance promoting healthy body image and self-esteem.

I’ve been dieting since I was 8 years old when an innocent remark became a lifelong obsession. After years being the sturdiest kid of my peers, I wondered just how much bigger I was gonna get. So at 8 years old I ask my mom, “Mommy, how big am I gonna get?” She innocuously explains that I will reach my final size by the time I’m 12. Of course, she means that my skeleton will have stopped growing by then and my basic body type set. But at 8 years old I take this explanation to mean that whatever I looked like at the age of 12 would be what I would look like FOREVER. With a slight sense of panic, my 8-year-old self suddenly knew that I had just four years to get myself into shipshape perfection. Well, four years seemed so far away– a whole half of my life at the time– that I kept putting it off until Monday, a putting-off process that I continued leading up to my 12-year mark and well past for decades later. And to this day— well, it’s not Monday yet, is it?

I read once that 1% of what we are is visible and touchable and the remaining 99% of us is a lot of something else. That’s a lot of us that has nothing to do with what we look like. And if we think about all the changes our physical body goes through, it’s ridiculous to identify ourselves with the mere 1% of our being that is so transient. Am I a teetering toddler? A blond virgin? A witty old lady to be? It doesn’t matter what vehicle we travel in. What matters is the destination and journey. But the vehicle is valuable nonetheless and we need to take care of it and be grateful for it because it’s what allows us to navigate the world, to affect the world and to be affected by it. In a way of acknowledging and giving thanks to my current vehicle, the 1% I get to ride around in every day on this leg of my journey, I have created a snapshot of me that I share, a one-self show celebrating my body and the experiences it has endured and enjoyed. I call it Myselfie.

With heartfelt and humorous storytelling, song and dance, Myselfie is my mission to create a meaningful spectacle that will engage, entertain and empower people of all ages but particularly teens and preteens toward healthy body image, self-esteem and self-expression. I believe that if we can all nurture love and levity within ourselves we will be able to do it for others in an infectious and sustainable way.

myseflie oster

New show announced: Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir!


All this is true….!

Doors and Open mic sign-up: 7 pm
Show starts: 8 pm

Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir is a monthly event that brings you an evening of indie artistry and cabaret. The mistress of ceremonies, Lizzie Violet will introduce cabaret stylings such as poetry, Spoken Word, music, Burlesque, comedy and a variety of other vaudeville style acts. Inspired by Vaudeville of the early 1900’s, it will be an evening of pure entertainment.

Each monthly event will have three features that consist of one part poetry (spoken word and slam as well), one part music and one part vaudeville (burlesque/magic/comedy). A night of frivolity and entertainment for all. Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir will be the second Sunday of every month at the The Central on Markham Street, from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. Keeping with the theme of cabaret’s roots, music will be unplugged, poetry will be edgy and the vaudeville will be sassy!

We will have limited open mic spots (for poets, performers, comedians, burlesque and musicians). Sign up starts at 7.

This is a PWYC event. (the door suggested price $5 and up) 

Each show you will be greeted at the door by our our absolutely amazingly dandy and handsome! (make sure to check out his website and poetry)

Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir is a Cabaret Noir Productions.


Alexandra Innes: half-Scottish but born in London, England, has lived and written in the British Isles, Montreal and Toronto. A poet by compulsion, her poems tell candid, sensual, accessible and unvarnished stories about life, love, sex and spirituality… among other things…

Jack Dani: Multi-talented comedian and musician; Jack Dani brings a unique brand of humor to the stage that combines a wonderful physicality and animated personality with clever story-telling, impressions, impersonations and songs. He is visually entertaining on stage as he shares personal experiences such as bringing his dad to get his passport renewed or the time he was mistaken for being a gay man by an Asian manicurist. He also incorporates musical comedy into his set. Jack hosted “The Bad Boyz of Comedy” show to a sold out audience at The Toronto Centre For The Arts, and was featured on a CBC documentary entitled, “Who Wants To Be A Comic?” He also just released a full length self titled debut comedy/music/skit CD with 16 tracks available on itunes, cdbaby and Amazon. His youtube channel is loaded with videos; such as music videos of tracks from the CD, prank call videos, stand up comedy and sketch comedy where Jack plays different characters. He was also a 1st place winner in the Russell Peters Best Funny Five contest held with Sirius Radio in which he opened for Russell at Caesars Casino in July of 2010. Jack can be seen performing his brand of stand up throughout Canada as a featured performer.

Kat Leonard (that’s me!): has a degree in Science, a diploma in TV/Film Production and is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory. Kat is a motivational entertainer with a musical comedy slant. She is currently developing her next show, Myselfie, which she will tour in classrooms and beyond to promote healthy body image and self-esteem. Kat is Artistic Director of Let’s Make Good Productions and WonderFest, the festival of workshops and concerts spreading empowerment through art.

Hope to see you there!


Entertaining & engaging solo shows by Kat Leonard & Hélène Nicole in Roof’s Off! at Café Chez Hélène

Thank you to Life With More Cowbell for taking a break from the Toronto Fringe Festival to come see our show out in the east end! 🙂

Please check out her reviews on Fringe. That gal is everywhere! 🙂

life with more cowbell

roof's offTook a break from Fringing last night to travel out to Café Chez Hélène (1437 Kingston Rd., just west of Warden) for Roof’s Off!, a one-night solo show double header featuring Kat Leonard’sMy Selfie and Hélène Nicole’sSecrets of a Single Dysfunctional “French” Woman.

Leonard’s My Selfie is an ever-evolving, joyful work in progress, as she tweaks and tailors each performance for entertainment or workshop purposes. It’s a great big love letter to her body – from head to toe, she expresses gratitude for each part, sharing anecdotes and songs along the way. And, best of all, she encourages the audience to consider the skin they’re in – and how our bodies make up a relatively tiny portion of who we are. Keep an eye out for future performances of this entertaining, engaging and touching one-woman show.

Nicole’s Secrets of a Single Dysfunctional “French” Woman is a confessional…

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 smurf tic

Saturday July 4th 2015
Kat and Helene onstage! TWICE THE FUN!

7pm: Doors open! Food (vege plate, with hummus, olives, milkshakes, smoothies, organic coffee and tea)
8pm: Kat onstage: Myselfie
9pm: Helene onstage: Secrets of a Single Dysfunctional French Woman
1437 Kingston Rd, at Warden. Free parking on the street– residential streets south on Warden.
$30 at the door, $20 in advance for this double whammy is a steal
RSVP by email or text to 416-809-9703
And now for your viewing pleasure, here is a story and dance Kat will be referring to tomorrow. Smurfs All Star Show. 🙂
See you soon, everybuddy!
Love Kat 🙂 ❤