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NEW SHOW ANNOUNCED! WonderFest Comedy Series



1928 College Street, Toronto 

Thursday February 6, 2015
Doors 8:30pm $PWYC (Suggested $10)

Let’s Make Good Productions presents:

Tracy Hamilton
Azfar Ali @azfarsays
Jhanelle Dennis @JhanelleDennis

Kat Leonard & The MP3 (That’s me, eh!)  @Katbandoo

Check us out, yo! Hope to see you there! 🙂 xo





I don’t give a fuck!

I got a whole lotta respect for the fuckery coming out of Mark Manson in his article about not giving a fuck! Some fucking tidbits:

“…stop fucking around. Get your fucks together… Allow me to fucking show you…

If you find yourself consistently giving too many fucks about trivial shit that bothers you… chances are you don’t have much going on in your life to give a legitimate fuck about. And that’s your real problem. Not the hand sanitizer…

In life, our fucks must be spent on something. There really is no such thing as not giving a fuck. The question is simply how we each choose to allot our fucks…

Fucks are cultivated like a beautiful fucking garden, where if you fuck shit up and the fucks get fucked, then you’ve fucking fucked your fucks all the fuck up.”

If you give a fuck, and if you don’t, please read Mark’s article here:
Mark Manson on not giving a fuck!




Heather Hill, Glenda J. Fordham and moi!


I happily call much of Glenda’s fun today my own! I have tasted the mustard and it is divine! Heather Hill and I also performed our song Come By Here to promote She’s Listening, a benefit concert and CD to help raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Canada. Our episode of DayTime airs on Rogers Community TV Toronto on Wednesday January 7th at 10am, 3pm and midnight. Tune in if ya can! And def try to make She’s Listening at The Flying Beaver Pubaret Thursday January 8th 7pm. Good food, good music, good beaver! 🙂 Getcher tix here! 


Lights, camera, action!



Day Time host Val Cole and we setting up!


Sam guest-wrangled us and kept us on the straight and narrow.


Bahar beautified us.


Heather was already beautiful. ❤


Us 4 representin’! Kelly Hagerman, Regional Manager Ovarian Cancer Canada; Elizabeth Baugh, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada; us


I may have licked Dan’s whiskey mustard and liked it.


Look! It’s Dan shooting his segment!

Fordham PR


Toronto, Tues. January 6th: Dan Gordon, owner and chef of WHISKY & SPICE, shared some of his secrets to cooking with mustard with Rogers Daytime Toronto host, Val Cole who gave Dan a hand in the kitchen.  The show will air on channel 10 in Toronto on Wednesday Jan. 7th at 10am, 3pm, then again at midnight so you can catch it 3 times – Dan’s recipes are on the Rogers show website as well as on Dan’s site:

We got to the studios nice and early, giving Dan lots of time to set up (below)

20150106_11404920150106_11555120150106_11561420150106_115622I got to hang out in the “green room” with the other guests including our guest coordinator, Sam, who met everyone at the door (below)


First up on the show was awesome dentist, Dr. Jim Hyland (below) who has launched  Dr. Jim sat with me in the green room…

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Interview with comedic pop dynamo Kat Leonard

Thanks for the interview, Life With More Cowbell! “Life with more cowbell is about just that – living with more chutzpah. Impact. This Toronto-based arts/culture/entertainment blog mostly covers local/indie theatre, music, poetry/spoken word and visual arts.” Visit the bell, eh! 🙂

life with more cowbell

imageKat Leonard is a multi-faceted, multi-talented ball of endless joy and positive energy. She performs her own brand of music, using a combo of comedic and poignant themes; is one-half of the music/comedy duo Musedy Tag Team (with Arlene Paculan); and also works with Paculan as the A.D. of Let’s Make Good (LMG) Productions to produce and present the WonderFest series of music, comedy and spoken word/poetry events. I had a chat with Kat over email about what’s been up with her lately, 2014 in general and upcoming events.

LWMC: So you’ve been a very busy lady lately. What’s been going on? What have you been up to?

KL: Oh man, that’s what I’d like to know! The year has whizzed by like bursting piss that’s been held in way too long! I started a new health and wellness business, and I’ve been doing some motivational speaking presentations and…

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