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Leslieville | Living in Torontos Best Neighbourhood

Leslieville | Living in Torontos Best Neighbourhood
…and finding the hottest new designer there too, Jacqueline Peres of Maison Jacqueline! I have seen this girl in action, and she reveals beauty overlooked every time! And with such a generous wit and charm! For real! 🙂


41 Regrets You Don’t Want to Take to Your Grave. | Rebelle Society

41 Regrets You Don’t Want to Take to Your Grave. | Rebelle Society.

I wish everyone would read this and realize that reading it is not enough.
We must also take heed.  🙂

In the spirit of collaboration – A story from the S.A.C. Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2014

A lesson in cooperation…. a sweet sound! 🙂

Songwriters Association of Canada

Rosanneby Rosanne Baker Thornley

Every song is a journey. At the middle of which is a compelling statement, an engaging story, an emotion. It’s your perception, your belief, what you struggle with, or towards, it’s your aspirations – set to a melody. And whether the song reveals your deepest corners or is a story captured and told through your eyes – whether it’s your song to sing or for someone else to sing – at the heart of the song, is you.

I began songwriting at the age of 8. Embedded in the folk scene at 14, I crossed the ocean at 16 to perform in Europe, spent many years as lead singer and songwriter / co-writer with various rock bands touring North America and then went on my own, focused on writing and releasing my album. I’ve written an extensive catalogue of songs over ‘a few’ decades – and…

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About | Up The Creek: Dawsons Creek Revisited

You know how some things you found so awesome as a youngin’ seem kinda less so when you’re an oldin’? The snow hill that was so high? The Disney movie that was full of horror? The Wagon Wheel that was enough for a snack?

What happens when Jen and Jenn go back up Dawson’s Creek? Punchy prose, that’s what! 🙂

This: About | Up The Creek: Dawsons Creek Revisited.