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Wordspell Tonight!


wordspellto-logosq I’m guesting at tonight’s extra-special edition of Wordspell!

adrianaFrom the Facebook invite:

Arianna Pozzuoli is back in Toronto for bit and just published a new poetry collection…Let’s Celebrate!!! Join us for an evening of words and music. Hosted by Vanessa McGowan with special appearance by Kat Leonard you don’t want to miss!

A little bit about Arianna:
You can always expect a variety of funny and heartfelt poems and stories with educator, spoken word poet and storyteller, Arianna Pozzuoli. Since 2006, Arianna has competed and featured at various poetry slams and festivals across Canada, the US, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia. She is currently a Drama teacher at the Canadian International School of Singapore and will be sharing poems from her first poetry collection, Something for Everyone. Copies of her book can also be purchased online; 

wordkat   And a bit about Kat: Kat Leonard is a singer/songwriter/comedian and actor. A dare duel between Madonna and k.d. lang, madcap and profound, Kat is a feisty performance pop dynamo whose music oscillates unpredictably between heartfelt and hilarious, leaving you with the drunken joy of a sugar rush.

Tonight 8:00pm
$10 @ the door

Free Times Cafe

320 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1S3

Hope to see you there! 🙂




Help Me To Heal

This week I was privileged to be invited by Amy Sky to sing along in a beautiful backup choir for Help Me To Heal on her upcoming album. The song is a lilting and soothing delight and I can’t wait to share the finished sound and video with you all! So much laughter and light filled the room, a splendour of sound and spirit. I am so pleased and proud to have been involved. 🙂








-thank you to all friends who contributed pics! xo

Please treat yourself to some of Amy’s sounds! She is one of my favourite voices; a voice backed by a heart just as stunning and soulful. 10 years ago I created a wee video biography of one of my favourite people ever, my Grampie. It is one of my most cherished projects and jampacked with love. He is one of the prominent forces that made me who I am today and continually affects my work and day-to-day living. I ended that video with Amy’s song If You Could See Yourself. Who knew then that I’d one day be singing along with her in the same room? 🙂 [Dear Amy: If you are reading this, I swear the copy I promised you is on its way! 😉 xo]

Me and Grampie:


20140717-163448-59688881.jpg -Grampie knew that the way to a young girl’s heart is through her stomach! 😉

As always, I wish you a life full of love, inspiration, music, laughter and dance!
🙂 xoxox

‘a swarm of humming birds’

Thank you Duncan for the lovely words. The Four Winds Collective had such a lovely time at Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir this past Sunday! 🙂 XoxoX


A packed house on a hot July night! Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir is doing something very right. The Central’s bartenders were happy to be rushed of their feet keeping up with the thirsty crowd (which is always good for the cash register.) Sadly Marcy Rogers, noted dyke about town, was not well enough to bring her wicked chops to Noir. So the open stagers had to work harder to fill her gap (in time, I mean).

bunny night of the lupin

I opted to do a glimpse of Pinebow on the open stage. The first time any of it has been aired aloud in public. This is the best way for me to get a sense of timing, of where it loses my attention. I found it too long, so cuts will be made.

First feature Brandon Pitts is an emotionally invested performer who makes his images come alive…

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Four Winds Unite!




(Heather, Meghan, Arlene & Kat)

Artwork drawn by Ava Hill

The Four Winds Collective united to rehearse for this Sunday’s show at
Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir at The Central in Toronto! 
Here is some proof.
Of course, you’d never know Kat was on the cajon
because she accidentally hit delete on the picture instead of send. Gah!

fwarl <— Arlene, multi-instrumentalist, here with geeetar and uke.

Meghan is also a multi-instrumentalist. Here she is with her beloved bass. —>fwmeg

   fwhea <— Heather, known for flouting, ukeing and tickling keys.

[insert colourful high-angle shot of Kat sitting atop the cajon and winking with laughter as Arlene pushes the button on the iPhone. It really was an artistic awesome shot. Imagine something like this but really cool and with a cajon.]









Here we are together…. for optimum enjoyment!


Come see us Sunday night at the Cabaret!
We’ll be playing our #1 Hit, going down in the annals on a post-it note. 🙂




CAbPlease note that Marcy Rogers is unable to attend the Cabaret, so Four Winds and Brandon Pitts will be entertaining you… along with a plethora of Open Mic talent! Come sign up and share your talent with us!  See you this Sunday July 13 at The Central 7-10pm. 🙂 xoxox Kat