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Four Winds: A songstorm of musical forces intertwined for the greater good!



The Four Winds Collective share their gifts of music as they gather to play a concert fundraiser at the Church of The Good Shepherd Sunday September 29, 2013 2pm-4pm. Who are the Four Winds Collective? Kat Leonard ( has training in Science, music, theatre and The Second City.  She performs feisty comedic pop.  Arlene Paculan ( was trained at Randolph Academy and Royal Conservatory of Music, and performs soulful jazzy pop.  Heather Hill ( trained at Royal Conservatory of Music as well as New York City and plays piano pop rock.  Meghan Morrison ( is a mover and a shaker. She started a successful music jam podcast and is an art rocker who plays Celtic groove music.

The Four Winds Collective is a songstorm of musical forces intertwined for the greater good. They travel together with their dynamic live shows in an aim to draw together a community to share joy and inspiration through music and storytelling.

Catch us Sunday September 29th 2pm in Wyebridge, Ontario!


Talking theatre with Phil Rickaby!


Phil Rickaby’s weekly podcast All the World’s a Podcast features Canadian Theatre professionals.  We sat down together and gabbed about theatre, performing, A Depper Kind Of Love, Katbaret and other riveting subjects. (Thanks, Phil!) If you put it on in the background as you go about your day, you can imagine being in the room with us eavesdropping!

My episode is lucky #52 and you can listen here.

Find out more about the podcast and eavesdrop on 51 more artists (and counting) here!
If you’re in the theatre realm, give Phil a ping! (Did you know “ping” is an electronic form of contacting? It’s true!) Maybe you can gab with him too!

If all the world is a podcast, what are YOU saying?

Fan Art-love of my life!


Thanks to Sarah Cochrane I have an original portrait of the love of my life. Thank you, Sarah! I hold him daily and dear to my…. heart… my pulsating heart! (Sigh)